Escape To… Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Omo Valley region in southern Ethiopia is home to some of the most fascinating tribes on the planet, such as the Hamar, Bumi and Mursi (above).  The Mursi men meticulously apply body paint as a sign of intimidation and decoration, while the women are specifically known for carrying a clay plate between their lower lip.  The weekly market is one for the anthropology books, as tribe members walk for days to barter goats, decorative beads, and tej, a form of honey wine. The area offers spectacular scenery too – lush majestic mountains and animal life.

Getting There: From Addis Ababa, hop on a domestic puddle jumper flight to Arba Minch. From there, rent a reliable 4×4 to take you on an unbelievable 6-hour journey to Jinka to explore the greater Omo Valley. Have your camera turned on at all times – you’ll thank us later.


Photo Courtesy of Matej Hudovernik /