Escape To… Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

So you’ve grown weary of this cold and are now looking for an escape to paradise, eh?

Lucky for you, I’ve got just the spot and it’s always sunny with blue skies- Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Where the brain freezing piña coladas come served with home-bred Brugal rum as you soak up rays on the beach.

Upon arrival you’ll be a combination of excited and jet lagged but look no further than the airport for the perfect remedy. Greeters can be found just past immigration and customs, serving samples of local liquors such as fruity tequilas and Mamajuana!

Searching for the right resort can become tedious. Narrow the options by going through some modern Bávaro resorts. The beaches in this tourist-filled location are loaded with hints of pink sand so it’ll make your lady happy, too.

Nightlife is a key when you have no responsibilities the next morning.  With a growing club and bar scene you’ll get the best of both worlds. Coco Bongo, located in downtown Punta Cana, puts on 23 live shows a night. Talented performers cover anything from Lady Gaga to Michael Jackson. Authentic options that include Dominican dancing favorites, bachata and merengue can also be found. Look no further than the clubs attached to many resorts. Casinos are also plentiful for the high rollers of your group.

But this isn’t only a place for the older crowds. Each day, beach and pool athletics including soccer, volleyball, water polo, and water aerobics take place for people and children of all ages. You can even get your hair professionally braided or enjoy a soothing massage right on the beach.  Less taxing options include taking photos with a monkey or tropical parrot.

Food in the Dominican Republic can be troublesome if you’re eating American cuisine. Branch out to Dominican classics like Mofongo, a fried plaintain dish mashed around and usually served with fried meat, vegetables, or seafood. Other must-tries include authentic fried chicken, Mangu, and Carne Ripiada (shredded beef).

We hope you remember us folks stuck in the cold when you visit La Republica Dominicana’s natural beauty. Safe travels!


How To Get There: According to Punta Cana International Airport’s official site, travelers can fly direct via 28 countries and 96 cities.


Lead-In Image: “PUNTA CANA , DOMINICAN REPABLIC , MANTI PARK BAVARO SHOW – 16 MAY 2011 dancers show in cultural dressing,” Courtesy of piotreknik /