Lists of must-see films for any self-respecting fan almost always include Casablanca and Citizen Kane, and deservedly so. But there are so many other worthy pictures which are often overlooked. So, from film-fan to film-fan, here’s a recommendation from our must-see list.


KWAIDAN (1965)
Director: Masaki Kobayashi
The Black Hair: Rentaro Mikuni, Michiyo Aratama and Misako Watanabe
The Woman of the Snow: Tatsuya Nakadai and Keiko Kishi.
Hoichi the Earless: Katsuo Nakamura, Tetsuro Tamba, Takashi Shimura and Kunie Tanaka.
In a Cup of Tea: Kanemon Nakamura and Osamu Takizawa
Writers: Yôko Mizuki based on the novel by Lafcadio Hearn (Koizumi Yakumo)
Editor: Hisashi Sagara


Probably the best known of the films on our list (it did win a Special Jury Prize in Cannes, after all) Kwaidan is actually four very eerie stories in one. Throughout the film, Toru Takemitsu’s score really gets under the skin, and is a wonderfully unsettling character in and of itself.


The Black Hair  

A poor yet materialistic samurai (Mikuni) divorces his dear and humble wife (Aratama) to marry a wealthy woman (Watanabe). But this union is devoid of love, and after a few years the samurai returns to his first wife. Ever devoted, she is still waiting for him. Isn’t she?


The Woman of the Snow

Two woodcutters, Mosaku (Akira Tani) and Minokichi (Nakadai), take shelter from a blizzard in a small, abandoned hut. A strange woman (Kishi) presumably follows the woodcutters into the building and kills Mosaku with her icy cold breath. Minokichi is spared on the condition that he keeps the secret of what transpired on this night. Which he does, as one would in a situation like this. Years go by, and Minokichi marries, has a family, yet this evening continually haunts him. One night, deciding he can bear the weight of this secret no longer, Minokichi decides to tell his wife (also played by Kishi). He discovers there is a high price to pay for breaking this promise.


Hoichi the Earless

Hoichi (Katsuo Nakamura) is a blind musician who has recently taken up residence in a monastery, where is he is cared for by the priests who live there. One night the priests are called to minister to the family of a recently departed parishioner, leaving him on his own, except for the servants, Yasuka and Matsuka (who would probably succeed in making someone choke from laughter, but that’s about it). Hoichi comforts himself by playing his biwa and singing the story of a mighty war between two opposing clans.

A soldier (Tetsuro Tamba) from one of these clans invites himself into the monastery. The soldier’s commanding officer, a child emperor, has heard of Hoichi’s talents and has sent this soldier to escort Hoichi to their home to perform.

These nightly performances begin to take a toll on his health. Yasuka and Matsuka report these late night wanderings to the head priest (Shimura). The head priest, realizing that things are not as they seem, warns Hoichi that he is “in great danger.”

The priests painstakingly cover Hoichi’s body with holy words in order to protect him. (For the curious, the text is that of Hannya Shin Kyō, according to Lafcadio Hearn). Oops – missed a spot. You guessed it – his ears.

What will happen when the soldier returns for Hoichi? We know this is beginning to sound like something out of a Lon Chaney movie. Fine by us, we love Lon Chaney!


In a Cup of Tea

A samurai named Kannai (Kanemon Nakamura) is simply trying to drink of cup of tea, but is repeatedly disturbed by the reflection of another samurai, Heinai (Noboru Nakaya), in the cup. The first couple of times, Kannai rids himself of Heinai’s reflection by simply discarding the liquid and/or taking a new tea cup. Finally, realizing that he has nothing to fear from a mere reflection, he decides to just drink the beverage, image and all. Heinai’s reflection soon takes a more solid form and challenges Kannai to a duel. Kannai injures Heinai, and other fighters appear seeking revenge.


RATING: Five Whistles




IMAGES: Courtesy of Criterion



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