Lists of must-see films for any self-respecting fan almost always include Casablanca and Citizen Kane, and deservedly so. But there are so many other worthy pictures which are often overlooked. So, from film-fan to film-fan, here’s a recommendation from our must-see list.


Director: Jules Dassin
Starring: Richard Widmark and Gene Tierney
Writers: Jo Eisinger, screenplay, based on the novel by Gerald Kersh
Editors: Nick DeMaggio and Sidney Stone


Harry Fabian (Widmark) hustles and scams his way through London’s seedier side. Makes the London of EastEnders look downright chipper. But Fabian has such big dreams. All he wants to do is become successful – at something.

This week it’s wrestling promotion.

Oh, but the problem is in the way he goes about it. You just can’t rob people, sell folks fake liquor licenses, shill for dodgy nightclubs and expect anything good to come your way.

And his version of crowdfunding – asking his even shadier associates for money to launch his “chance of a lifetime” – isn’t exactly fruitful, either.

Gene Tierney plays Mary Bristol, Fabian’s far too understanding and forgiving girlfriend, who has plenty of reason to be otherwise.

Facing duplicity at nearly every turn, he can never be certain who to trust – and neither can we. Almost everybody is predator and prey in this film. Dark and treacherous to the nth degree, this Night and the City is full of folks who would betray their entire families without losing a single moment of sleep.

Franz Waxman’s score and Max Greene’s cinematography are great. Poor Richard Widmark must have ticked off every costume designer from Los Angeles to New York and back, because some of the suits his character wears are a bit hard on the eyes, but the film is fantastic.


RATING: Five Whistles




IMAGES: Courtesy of Criterion



* Make Way For Tomorrow (1937)

* The Narrow Margin (1952)

Bright Road (1953)

* KWAIDAN (1965)



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