Five March – A Delicious Restaurant In Glasgow – Scotland


Glasgow is home to some very good restaurants with enterprising young chefs.

One in particular stands out to us.

It’s called Five March (140 Elderslie St.), and it serves small, shared plates.

Think of them like a Scottish version of tapas, but with more world fusion flair built into the dishes.

Some of their mouth-watering creations:  truffle mustard-misted artichokes, yogurt-kissed mackerel, hot-sauced cucumbers, kimchi-inspired salad, and Pho-infused beef.

We think it’s a must.

Food aside, the staff is friendly and accommodating, the bar is stocked with a delightful selection of wines and amazing scotches little-known to those outside the UK, like Bruichladdich, and the walls are covered with some eye-catching art, including works by art darling France-Lise McGurn.  We spotted her work the next day at none other than the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

Five March was recommended by a server at  Ox and Finch, another excellent foodie destination in Glasgow.  We have to thank that server.

It was the best tip of our trip.


Please note: menu items subject to change.



Menu Snapshot – Five March; Lead-in Image – NewsWhistle photo