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From A Political Chill To A Fire Ball Tragedy – This Is World News In Focus


US: The Senate voted down a bill to repeal parts of the Affordable Care Act on Friday (July 28), and saved Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law, for now.

By a vote of 49 to 51, Congress’s decision derailed the Republicans’ seven-year plan to dismantle Obamacare.

Senator John McCain joined two other Republicans, Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, in opposing the bill, and cast the decisive vote.

According to Time magazine, if the Republican bill was passed, it would have repealed the employer and individual mandates under Obamacare, causing premiums to rise 20% between 2018 and 2026, and leaving 43 million more people without insurance in 2026.

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Pakistan: Nawaz Sharif was disqualified as prime minister after the five-member Supreme Court on Friday (July 28) found him guilty of corruption.

The 67-year-old politician and three of his children were found to possess expensive residential property in London through offshore companies.

On Saturday, the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz), the governing political party, named Sharif’s younger brother Shahbaz, 65, who was the chief minister of Punjab Province,  to take over from him for the top job.

But Shahbaz would first have to win a seat in the country’s national assembly and to run for the general election scheduled for mid-2018.

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Business: Foxconn Technology Group, the main electronics supplier for Apple and other tech giants, announced on Wednesday (July 26) that it would set up a factory in Wisconsin.

Foxconn said that the factory would create at least 3,000 jobs and bring $10 billion worth of investment into U.S.

As a quid pro quo, the Taiwanese manufacturer would receive $3 billion in tax breaks and other subsidies over the next 15 years from Wisconsin.

Joining Foxconn’s announcement at the White House, President Trump claimed credit for the venture.  He said Foxconn’s move was a sign that his efforts to promote advanced manufacturing in America were succeeding.

“If I didn’t get elected, he [Foxconn chairman Terry Gou] definitely wouldn’t be spending $10 billion,” the President said.

The new factory is slated to produce flat-panel display screens for televisions and other consumer electronics.

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US: A ride broke apart at the state fair in Ohio on Wednesday (July 26), leaving at least one dead and seven others wounded.

According to witnesses’ reports, a passenger row detached from the Fire Ball, a spinning and swinging amusement park ride, and threw riders into the air.

Ohio Governor John Kasich has ordered a full investigation into the incident.  All of the fair’s rides have also shut down for safety inspections.

The Dutch manufacturer of the Fire Ball ride has told operators at other fairs to halt its use pending investigation.

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