From Strength To Strength – A 2021 Summer Workout Guide


Summer 2021 is going to be a bright season after some gloomy days last year. We all want to have fun in the sun this year and feel good about ourselves while doing it.

Shed the quarantine weight and shred your way to better health with advice and workout tips from these wellness experts.


TB12 Sports 

A Super Bowl champion leading a health campaign is a winning game plan. Legendary NFL quarterback Tom Brady co-founded the wellness company TB12 on the belief that everyone can benefit from a smart approach to holistic health and wellness. Functional strength and conditioning principles along with innovative recovery practices are the basis for his program.

Expert TB12 Body Coaches can help guide you through at-home workouts to on-the-go recipes, as well as supplement breakdowns. The company has also partnered with Equinox gyms to create active recovery workout classes designed to help you reach your ultimate goals. Sessions are offered at locations throughout America, as well as on the membership mobile app Equinox+.


Browning Method 

Founder and CEO of Brownings Fitness, Mary Ann Browning (pictured above), has for years been a sought-after leader in the wellness industry. Her company helps achieve a well-rounded lifestyle through a notable nutritional program alongside her one-of-a-kind workout regiment. Clients who visit her gym in New York City for training optimize their experience on site as equally as when they have home sessions.

The successful Browning Method program praised by the likes of celebrities, athletes, and business professionals includes three different tier packages that are curated for individual needs to produce optimum results. Each tier includes nearly 24-hour access to Browning, as well as check-in sessions to see how a client’s day is progressing. It is this direct human interaction with a coach that makes a tremendous difference in making wellness objectives attainable. In addition, meal plans are formed to produce results and focus on a variety of real-life scenarios. From guidance with menus at a restaurant to what to order for grocery store delivery, she is there to direct proper choices.


Nikki Walter-Nemickas 

Put your focus and energy into getting the whole family in shape with workouts and tips curated by Nikki Walter-Nemickas. The health, nutrition, fitness, and wellness lifestyle expert whose inspirational motto of be fit and eat clean is meant to get you and your kids healthy and happy.

Walter-Nemickas’ health commentary has her in the industry spotlight as an “Us Weekly” Editorial Representative to the Kroger Wellness Council. The dedication she shares with readers is as strong as the eating tips and motivational workout programs you will find on her various social media platforms.

Her passion to create better living for all in a family often involves projects and sessions with her young daughter Addison. Walter-Nemickas is more than a fitness coach. She is a relatable teacher who only wants the best for family units turning to her advice to help them reach goals of health improvement.


The MWH Method 

Maximize your summer and get in your best shape with wellness expert Melissa Wood’s MWH Method. Through movement, mindful eating, and meditation, her mission is to guide you to love your body. Her online classes were always popular with celebrities and industry professionals, but since the pandemic, her method has boomed in the homes of women and men throughout the country.

Sessions she curates help sculpt long lean lines throughout your entire body using precise, low impact movements. No need for heavy weights or jumping that could lead to wear and tear on joints. Wood’s program highlights a series of workouts found in a website library of over 200 classes. Additionally, you can find a treadmill series, meditations, and even post-natal classes. Two new exclusive sessions are published every week, and she offers a free seven-day trial to try it all from the comfort of your living room.


Lead-In Image – Courtesy of Mary Ann Browning and Brownings Fitness