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US: President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday (Dec. 6) that the US formally recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and would move the embassy from Tel Aviv there.

The decision is seen to be contrary to US foreign policy on the Middle East and attracted wide opposition from US allies, Palestinian leaders, and the Muslim countries.

Israel, alone, welcomed the President’s announcement.

Religious leaders have warned that the shift in foreign policy would trigger new waves of violence across the region.

According to Time magazine, demonstrations were staged in some 30 locations across the West Bank, and thousands of Palestinian protesters have clashed with Israeli forces in the eastern part of Jerusalem since the US announcement.

Jerusalem is hailed to be the holy city for Christian, Jewish, and Muslim people.

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Feminism: Time magazine named “The Silence Breakers” — the women and men who have come forward to accuse powerful figures of sexual misconduct — as its 2017 “Person of the Year.”

In October 2017, a New York Times article detailed sexual misconduct allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who denied the accusations.

Since then, thousands of men and women from different industries and regions across the world have spoken up against sexual harassment and assault in the workplace using the hashtag “#MeToo.”

The hashtag, created by women’s rights activist Tarana Burke, has become a catch phrase in social media and an icon of the movement.

The #MeToo cause took off after actor Alyssa Milano encouraged women who had experienced sexual mistreatment to speak out in her Twitter platform forward under the banner of “me too.”  More than 30,000 replies were recorded in one night.

Since 1927, editors of Time Magazine have selected a person, a group, an idea, or an object to be featured as having significantly impacted the year.  Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are the runners-up for the title this year.

Actress Ashley Judd, singer Taylor Swift, former Uber software engineer Susan Fowler, California lobbyist Adama Iwu, and strawberry picker Isabel Pascual were featured in this year’s issue.

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Russia: President Vladimir Putin announced on Wednesday that he would run for president again.

The election is set for March 18.  It is widely held that with an 80 percent approval rating, Putin’s presidency is within reach.

If the 65-year-old leader enters his fourth term in the Kremlin, barring any unforeseen circumstances, he will serve the country until 2024.

By then the incumbent’s full 24-year tenure will almost rival Joseph Stalin, who ruled the Soviet Union for 29 years.

President Putin revealed his new run for presidency before an enthusiastic audience of the GAZ automobile factory workers in Nizhny Novgorod, amid worldwide speculation and expectation.

“I couldn’t find a better place and moment for that,” the president told the applauding crowd. “Thank you for your support, I will run for president.”

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