Get Ups Tonight: The Q&A with Dancewear Designer Dawn Smart

So you think you can dance? Well, what snazzy outfit should you pick to go with your smooth moves?

Dawn Smart knows the answer. She’s the head designer and CEO of Dore Designs, a outfitter to ballroom dancers, big-time performers and all those seeking to look good while tripping the light fantastic.

Smart’s designs have been seen on the likes of the Knicks City Dancers, professional ice skaters and stars of the American TV hit “So You Think You Can Dance.”

If all the world’s a dance floor, it’s wise to your look your best for the applauding crowds. That’s not just good advice. It’s plain smart.

Without further ado…

The NewsWhistle Q&A with dancewear designer Dawn Smart


Name: Dawn Smart
Date of Interview: November 2013
Age (if you want to give it up): Ageless
Birthplace: New York
Current town: Cape Coral, Florida
Occupation: Head Designer and CEO of Dore Designs

1. What’s the funniest or saddest thing that’s happened to you this week?

I left my makeup on my desk and drove 3 and ½ hour away without my makeup on or in my car. At first I cried and then I laughed. I’m on a 7 day business trip so fortunately they are fedexing it.

2. What’s your favorite movie? And why?

I love the movie “Shall We Dance.” The story is so valid and is real for me. I can relate to someone searching for happiness and finding it through ballroom dance.

3. What’s the biggest risk you took in life?

Buying Dore Designs.

4. If you could go back in time and do one thing over, what would that be?

I would have put my boots on instead of my sneakers in NYC three winters ago, and perhaps not have broken my leg by falling on the ice.

5. Tell us your favorite joke:

One thing that always makes me laugh is having breakfast in a hotel where there is a ballroom dance competition and watching hotel staff stare at 76-year-olds in full ballroom costumes, hair and makeup at 8 in the morning. The 76-year-old is totally comfortable but the hotel staff are in shock and staring openly, which always makes be smile.

6. What’s something that most people don’t know about you?

I did my senior thesis in college on the antagonistic effects of lanthanum and calcium on the vertebrate motor and plate. I was pre-med at the time and had to present it orally. You never know where life will take you!

7. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever heard?

Know who you are and be true to yourself. If you lose sight of who you are, take the time to figure it out.

8. Who’s your favorite celebrity? And why?

My favorite celebrity was Paul Newman, I think he used his celebrity status for the greater good, on top of being drop dead handsome and having beautiful eyes.

9. What’s your strangest phobia or superstition?

My zipper on my suitcase goes in two directions. I always zip it from left to right and I feel that if I don’t something bad will happen on the plane. I fly two to four times every week and I always zip my suitcase that way. This is the only thing that I am manic about for some reason.

10. Last, but not least, is there anything you want to pitch, promote or discuss?

I’m excited to announce that we are launching a multi-dimensional ready to wear line at NY Fashion Week this February. We are adding to our evening wear lines and also introducing evening separates and sportswear.