Sunglasses To Love: Chanel’s 6037

Okay, so there we, my wife and I and a bunch of wedding guests in Bro, Sweden. And we were staying at this nice little retreat. And it was sunny and warm.

And there was this lake – this inviting lake. Only problem was this lake was completely frozen over just a couple of months before and the water was darn near ice cube cold.

We all took turns jumping in the lake with bathing suits on. One by one, chests constricted, anatomical parts shriveled or hardened or both.

I guess this is a long way of saying my lover jumped into this dangerous lake with her sunglasses on – and while she made it out alive, her sunglasses did not.

Yes, somewhere at the bottom of a Swedish lake sit a pair of sunglasses none too happy with its owner.

Those sunglasses have since been replaced – and lost again. But during a search for the latest lost pair, we stumbled upon a classic model that’s a worth talking about.

Retro, sleek, and looking like they came off the face of Princess Grace herself, the 6037 model (pictured above) from Chanel is some pair of sunglasses.

While you can find them online for less, one Chanel boutique in Hong Kong was selling these classics for HK$3500 (USD$450).

Web-based photos, btw, don’t even do these babies justice. You should see ’em for yourself.


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Image: www. usedlux. com