GuyStuff/GirlStuff: The Whiskey Edition

NewsWhistle and friends used to like those smoky, peaty single-malts. A Coal Ila, a Lagavulin, an Ardbeg.

Then, we were introduced recently to a whiskey that made our taste buds dance.

This one had a crisp whisky sting with a sweet, caramel punch- and with the right add of water – the drink spread out over the tongue, hit all the right sweet spots and lit it up our happy brains like a winning pinball machine.

If you haven’t tried our whiskey of the year – Glenfarclas 12 – run out tonight and buy yourself a bottle. And if your shop doesn’t stock it, tell them to order it pronto. It’s really that good.

But be mindful: This single malt needs some water added to it, so experiment to find the right balance. If you take this drink neat, you may be overpowered – and who wants to be overpowered by anything or anyone named Glenfarclas?

GuyStuff/GirlStuff tip: No need to try the Glenfarclas 10 or the 15 or the 17. Stick with the Glenfarclas 12, and enjoy!


Photo Courtesy of Marcin Ciesielski/Sylwia Cisek/ (The above image is a stock photo used for illustrative purposes only.)