Here Not Here – In Paris – The Photographs of Alexandra Hedison at H Gallery



Today, while walking my “saucisse” (dachshund), I asked the police why they were blocking off my street. They told me it was because of the “Gilets jaunes” (yellow vest demonstrators).  This marks week 48 of economic protests.

I knew I had to get to my local Monoprix market quickly because I may just have to stay in all day — as I did in the past when the protests turned violent in my neighborhood.

When I finally reached home safely, I sat on the couch and thought about an opening party my friend hosted in Paris last night for a “chouette” (cool) American photographer named Alexandra Hedison.

Hedison was in town to show her “Here Not Here” series, a collection of large nature shots lensed in the Washington State forest.

The event, sponsored by the Harvard Club of France, took place at H Gallery in the 11th arrondissement.

I walked around the halcyon exhibit and snapped some photos on my cell phone but they didn’t capture the feeling of depth, realness, and an overwhelming sense of comfort when you see them in person.


here not here series - by photographer alexandra hedison - installation shot - h gallery - paris


As the photos relate to growth and the circle of life, Alexandra spoke of the recent passing of both of her parents… and reflected on going back to their house and finding objects that had a great of deal of meaning when they were alive (glasses, whisks, etc.) but how now they didn’t mean anything.

I think about this, too, whenever I go to a “brocante” (flea market) in Paris.  I pass the stalls, and say to myself there must have been a story to the antique mirror over there or that 1920s purse in front of me.

On this unpredictable Saturday, I’m thinking about Alexandra’s photos, her comments last night, and some recent moments from my own personal history, while blasting Luther Vandross’ “A House is Not a Home.” (They also had a sale on Champagne at Monoprix.)  Just to know.

Altogether, it’s a lot to take in.

Heck, it’s enough to make a grown woman cry.

Then again… maybe the police are firing some tear gas nearby.


Alexandra Hedison’s “Here Not Here” exhibition runs through November 16, 2019 at H Gallery, from Tuesday to Saturday (2pm – 7pm) and by appointment.

H Gallery
90 Rue de la Folie Méricourt
75011 Paris

Metro: Parmentier or Oberkampf


Alexandra Hedison and Erin Renner CordellAlexandra Hedison and Erin Renner Cordell, Havard Club of France



  • Forest photos (“Here Not Here images) by Alexandra Hedison;
  • Installation shots by Gloria Swanson Jr.; and
  • Event Portrait of Alexandra Hedison and Erin Renner Cordell Courtesy of Harvard Club of France.



Gloria Swanson Jr. is a freelance writer and American tour guide living in Paris.

Gloria’s private tours of Paris are for tres chic and ultra-fun folks who want to know the ins and outs of the famed and fabulous city.

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