Hot Damn… Why A Cold Shower Isn’t A Bad Thing

First off, standing in the spray of a cold shower sucks, no two ways about it. I know. I’ve been showering with cold water for two weeks now.

It wasn’t on purpose, at first. It wasn’t one of those “cool-down-because-the situation-got-too-hot” moments.

I was forced to endure a teeth-chattering acquapade adventure because I returned to Hong Kong and my hot water heater wasn’t working. My landlord was away and the electrician she recommended didn’t speak any English. And when I asked a NewsWhistler to help with interpretation, the electrician still wasn’t of help.

Yes, I could have found a new electrician. I could have showered at a local members club or a hotel. I could have used a friend’s shower. There were many options.

But I thought I might be onto something – that cold showers were actually beneficial. So – day after day – I kept turning on the water, staring down the icy drizzle from my handheld showerhead, and jumping into the spray.

Please know… this is The Cold War, in the truest sense. You will never get used to a cold shower. There will never be an everlasting peace or amicable truce. No matter your mind control or pain threshold abilities, a cold shower is a cold shower. It’s a sharp, continuous icy pain that the body tries to overcome, but can’t.

But after suffering through roughly three frigid minutes a day, and reading about the benefits of cold showers, I might not return to hot water (when it’s available).

This Olympics season, I’ll be going for the cold.

See, the fun begins once you’ve turned off the faucet.

When you step out of a cold shower and wrap yourself in a warm towel, you’re instantly invigorated and the cooling, energizing buzz emanating from your taut skin lasts a long time.

And while I can’t attest to it, cold showers reportedly (link 1; link 2; link 3; link4; link5) can help boost your immunity, make you happier, trim some pounds, save dollars off your utility bill, amongst a host of other healthy positives.

I’d invite you all to try a 14-day test, but it’s not good for everyone, or so I’ve read. Cold showers are not meant for all folks, including those with heart problems or women who are menstruating or pregnant. And for dear lord please don’t wear any metal.

If you’re concerned about health effects of a cold shower, or like showering with jewelry/piercings, please talk to your doctor before entertaining the idea.

But if you want to make an instant difference in your life, the tools are right there at your disposal. Other than some discomfort, this cooling-off experiment shouldn’t cost you a dime.

And — like founder Stefano Ganddini will tell you —  you may really enjoy it.

Welcome to The Cold War. It’s a hard battle, it’s you against your shower, but the fight, I gotta tell you, is well worth it.

Take the 14-day test and let us know what you think. Our e-mail:


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