How To Look And Feel Fabulous…
In Red Carpet Heels

The awards season places the world’s leading entertainers under the most intense fashion and beauty microscope you could imagine. 

Aided by HD and now 4K televisions every smudge and wrinkle is clearly visible world-wide. 

For the ladies their choice of footwear is a source of intense interest — and for the star, should she choose open shoes, the condition and care for her feet and toes an issue of international attention. 

With that in mind here are six tips for choosing red-carpet shoes and having superstar looking feet and toes.


1. Smart Shoe-Shopping:

Shop for your heels midday. In the morning your feet are smaller, and by the end of the day your shoes don’t fit. Having purchased shoes midday will ensure proper fit and less achy feet.

2. Shopping Part Deux:

Always try your shoes on and walk around a little before purchasing them. There should be an ample amount of cushioning under the ball of the foot. Check inside the shoe by pressing your fingers against the cushioned area; that will tell you if there is enough padding. Also, check for proper arch support for your feet, as everyone’s feet are different.

3. Don’t Trip:

While certain mishaps at awards-shows past may now seem “endearing,” avoid the embarrassment of tumbling down the red carpet or elsewhere by wearing shoes that are lightweight, not heavy. Don’t let your shoes pull you down!

4. Fit and Fabulous:

Don’t forget about your feet when getting toned up for your big moment. It’s easy: just write the letters of the alphabet in the air using your foot.  You can also roll your foot over a tennis ball, which is great for stretching foot muscles.

5. Moisturize:

You wouldn’t skip it anywhere else, so don’t neglect your feet. Moisturizers are essential for keeping your feet looking smooth and feeling great. Apply moisturizer daily to reduce calluses, corns, and burning soles just in time for you to pull out those glamorous stilettos.

6. Over Indulgence?:

If an excess of salt, alcohol, or, basically, fun has caused your feet to swell and you’re struggling to get into your heels, grab an Ace bandage.  Saturate it with water and put it in the freezer. Before going out wrap it around your entire foot (with the most pressure applied at the end of the foot) and leave it there for three minutes.  Afterwards, your feet and ankles will have slimmed down and you’ll be ready for the big heels and the big night.


About Dr. Suzanne Levine: The “Podiatrist in Heels,” Suzanne M. Levine, D.P.M. is a Board Certified Podiatric Surgeon who has been named one of America’s Top Podiatrists (Consumers’ Research Council of America) and is among the most acclaimed podiatrists internationally. She enjoys tremendous peer recognition and has been repeatedly voted one of the most influential podiatrists in the United States by her colleagues. She maintains this status by being at the forefront of podiatric surgery and medicine and keeping abreast of current medical developments. Dr. Levine has authored several books including My Feet Are Killing Me, 50 Ways to Treat Foot Pain, Your Feet Don’t Have to Hurt, The BOTOX® Book, and You Don’t Need Plastic Surgery. Over the past 20 years, she has revolutionized podiatric surgery in her Park Avenue, NYC practice. Her objective is for every patient to feel their best and return to their favorite pair of shoes as soon as possible.


Red Carpet Image: Actress Charlotte Le Bon Attending “The 100-Foot Journey” Premiere; Picture Courtesy of  Debby Wong /