How To Make Duck Prosciutto – An Appetizer by Bisma Eight Executive Chef Duncan McCance

Bisma Eight is a boutique hotel experience set within the natural and cultural heart of Ubud. Rooted in the artisan heritage of central Bali, Bisma Eight invokes not only a sense of place, but a feeling of home and amazing cooking.

Here is a tantalizing recipe for Duck Prosciutto from Bisma Eight’s Executive Chef Duncan McCance.


Duncan McCance



* 1 duck breast

* 3 1/2 oz. coarse sea salt

* 2 tsp mountain pepper leaf, crushed (peppercorns can be used)

* 4 sprigs fresh thyme, leaves only

* 1/2 tsp lemon myrtle, powder





1. Wash the duck breast and trim the fat, leaving at least 5mm of fat on the breast.

2. Grind the pepper and myrtle in a mortar and pestle; combine the contents of the mortar, the thyme, and the salt.

3. Rub the duck breast on both sides with the salt mixture. Wrap the duck breast in cling wrap.  Cut and slit into one side of the cling wrap and place the duck breast on a wire rack set in a glass-baking dish.  Allow the duck breast to cure in the refrigerator for 24 hours, turning after 12 hours.

4. Wash the salt and spice off of the duck breast.  Pat the meat dry before wrapping in a muslin cloth. Tie both ends securely with a bit of string, and hang the meat in your refrigerator to age for at least 12 to 14 days.

5. Slice very thin and allow to come to room temperature for best flavor when serving.

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