Hungry For Himalayan

Have you tried momo?

They’re Nepalese dumplings that will have you begging for mo-mo-more.

What’s so special about them? For us it has something to do with the light, chewy dough being in perfect proportion to the minced meat inside. A light paste, reddened by tomato and peppered with chili and spice, is served as a dipping sauce.

We gobble up our momos in Hong Kong, but you can find them most anywhere. Hit Yelp or a local city guide for some decent suggestions. For example, one spot outside of Manhattan apparently is making the most of these hot pockets.

Still, if you can’t find these tasty delights in your city or region, this meaty recipe will have you munching on savory doughy goodness in just one hour’s time.

If you’d like a visual guide, follow the stylings of Nepalese cook Pemba Lama:


And if you or your loved one is vegetarian, fear not. We got you covered. Click here.


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