Movie Night – Four Flicks Focusing on War in Afghanistan


Movie Night… 29


For some, movie night means nothing more than getting a bowl of popcorn and watching the latest release. Others dabble with the double-feature, but that’s often no more than an act of compromise. The serious movie watcher might watch three movies on movie night. Then there are people like me.

Nothing short of four movies or programs will do. Anything less simply isn’t a proper experience. If you’re like me, then try these comedy special suggestions. We think you’ll be pleased.


Tonight’s theme: War movies that take place in Afghanistan!

First Movie – Lone Survivor (2013)

Second Movie – The 9th Company aka in Russian: 9 Рота (2005)

Third Movie – 12 Strong (2018)

Fourth Movie – Kajaki aka Kilo Two Bravo (2014)



Movie Night 1: Mind-Benders

Movie Night 2: Numbers

Movie Night 3: Flicks From 1977

Movie Night 4: Shaky Camera Horror

Movie Night 5: Films ABOUT Sound

Movie Night 6: Movies WITH Amazing Sound

Movie Night 7: Sam Elliott

Movie Night 8: Sci-Fi Films WITHOUT Jedis Or Storm Troopers

Movie Night 9: Movies WITH “The Last…” In The Title!

Movie Night 10: Vin Diesel

Movie Night 11:  Arrrgh, Pirates!

Movie Night 12: Weird 80’s Fantasy Flicks

Movie Night 13: Horses

Movie Night 14: Ninjas!

Movie Night 15: A Whole Lot Of Drama

Movie Night 16: Live-Action Puppet Films

Movie Night 17: Movies Based On Video Games 

Movie Night 18: Modern Military Documentaries

Movie Night 19: A Million Ways to Laugh in the East or West

Movie Night 20: Underwater

Movie Night 21: Creature Features

Movie Night 22: Films For Fliers

Movie Night 23: Time For The T-Minus

Movie Night 24: Stand-Up Tonight

Movie Night 25: The Films Of Idris Elba

Movie Night 26: Flicks With Fishing As A Motif

Movie Night 27:  Human Transformations

Movie Night 28: Movies by Hayao Miyazaki


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