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*** If you like a little acoustic pop or a power piano ballad, you’ve come to the right spot. Philadelphia’s Jodi Valentin is producing some heartfelt gem, like “Hindsight,” off her forthcoming EP.  It’s no surprise that we’re excited by what we’re hearing. Jodi’s received training from Roger Waters, Nigel Godrich,and David Kahne and … Continue reading Hindsight – Six Crucial Questions for Singer-Songwriter Jodi Valentin

*** Take notice, electro-popsters. There’s a breezy new act on the block. The band is called Welcome Center and it features the talents of Jesse Smith and Aaron Sternick. The Dallas-Philadelphia duo has released 5-song EP, This House Will Be Filled With ___. What you’ll notice upon first listen? The band’s sound. We’re talking stripped-down, straight-shooting, romantic … Continue reading This House Will Be Filled With [Blank] – Six Crucial Questions for Welcome Center