My Top Five Travel Spots
By Jaclyn Sienna India

After having traveled to over 70 countries I have had many unique experiences, and still enjoy returning to my old favorites.  The thread that runs through each of these destinations is that they are classic, they are ever-changing and molding to the needs of the modern day luxury traveler. These destinations are consistently evolving and offering more things for people to do and see when they return.

1. Italy: Many years ago, I met a gentleman who had traveled to nearly 150 countries. When I asked him which country was his favorite, I expected to hear the name of a remote island I probably never heard of, but he said “Italy.”  His reasoning was that Italy is “inexhaustible.” The more I travel, the more I truly understood what he meant. Italy is my favorite destination, and the one I get the most excited about returning to year after year. The culture, the Italian way of life, the food and the ease of everything makes for a relaxing, stimulating and amazing time. As many times as I have been to this country, there are still so many regions of Italy that I have to discover. When visiting Italy I vary between driving cars and taking trains as well as and staying in cities versus staying in the countryside. I try to get the whole perspective of the many ways in which Italy can be explored.  Right now my favorite cities in Italy are Rome, Capri, Puglia and Sardinia, but I have had incredible visits to Sicily and the Aeolian Islands, as well.

2. Napa, California: Napa is voted as the number one travel destination in the U.S. for luxury travelers. I travel there at least once a year to discover the new tasting rooms, boutique vineyards and amazing new restaurants that pop up.  Even as a frequent visitor it’s hard for me to keep up with the changes. Napa offers great access for those that want to dig deeper into unique experiences. More importantly, Napa’s quieter cousin Sonoma is just miles away and has a completely different atmosphere to discover. Some say the Hudson Valley is the new Napa, but I know that Napa and Sonoma will continue to be the best for many years to come.

3. Hawaii: Having traveled to Hawaii many times to experience the different islands, the best thing to convey the diversity of the Hawaiian Islands, since intra-island flights are inexpensive, is to travel around and get to learn the differences on your own. Most people that have been to multiple islands in Hawaii have a strong opinion of which island they like best and usually find a location that suits their personality and activity interests fairly quickly. With amazing food, culture, fabulous hotels, natural sites and adventure, Hawaii is one of my continued favorite destinations to visit.

4. Paris, France: I have personally visited Paris over 20 times and have lived there as well. The more I return to Paris, the better I learn the city. Every time I return I feel at home knowing the streets and going to my favorite places to buy cheese, chocolate and all the fine artisan products I love. I have several recommendations for restaurants that have been open for more than 50 years that never disappoint. Paris is filled with the best of the best in terms of food and service and has a unique take on each and every item that is offered.

5. The Caribbean: The Caribbean is constantly evolving to better its food, lodging and customer service. The Caribbean is a popular destination because every island is different, and even one island can offer so many ranges of products and styles for each person. My new obsession is private and lesser known islands within the Caribbean. This weekend I am off to Petit St Vincent and Dominica—but I hope to return shortly to Mustique, Peter Island, Musha Cay and Oil Nut Bay. Private islands are what is newly offered in terms of exclusivity— the villa with a private plunge pool and butler is no longer enough.


About Jaclyn Sienna India:  Jaclyn was born in Brooklyn, New York and developed a taste for excitement and adventure at an early age. She expanded her childhood interest in travel and aesthetics with a degree in Art History from Philadelphia’s Tyler School of Art and with her time at Philadelphia’s iconic Le Bec Fin.

Sienna Charles was launched in 2008, after Jaclyn envisioned a truly original, custom travel agency. Since beginning Sienna Charles and traveling around the globe several times, Jaclyn learned that the most important part of her job is translating discoveries into meaningful experiences for her clients. In order to create lasting memories Jaclyn is continually seeking out new adventures, remote destinations and overlooked accommodations to improve customers’ experiences.