New to the Hamptons – Home Delivery from S. Ottomanelli & Sons Prime Meats


The Ottomanelli family has been selling meats to the nice carnivores of New York City for nearly five generations.

The business started from a sole pushcart in 1900 before branching out into a popular walk-in shop in Greenwich Village and a butcher store/restaurant in Woodside, Queens.

Over the years, regular folk and bold-faced names, such as playwright Arthur Miller, Cipriani USA President Giuseppe Cipriani, Food Network creator Joe Langhan, chef Emeril Lagasse, and actor L. Steven Taylor,  have been craving Ottomanelli’s dry-aged steaks, pork, poultry, and wild game meats.

The business has recently announced that they’re now delivering from Manhattan to Montauk.

So, if you’re in the Hamptons, you can dial-up Ottomanelli’s, place an order for your favorite mouth-watering meats, and have it driven right to your door.


“Right now, people are thinking about their health,” says Frank Ottomanelli, who oversees the family’s Woodside butcher shop and restaurant. “People want transparency. They want premium quality all-natural meats that are antibiotic free, steroid free, growth hormone free. I am making it easy for New Yorkers who are concerned about going into a shop right now to access that.”



Ottomanelli delivered two cuts of meat, a boneless rib eye and a porterhouse, to us in Long Island. Both chops were prime aged corn fed and measured 1 to 1-1/4 inch thick.

We decided to prepare the food simply.

We sprinkled salt and pepper on the meat, seared the cuts for five minutes on each side, and then charred them for another minute a side.

A week later we’re still thinking about our meal.

The ribeye went too quickly – each morsel was sweeter and juicier than the last.

The porterhouse was delicious, as well. The strip side was beefy and satisfying without being overpowering; the tenderloin was succulent.



Now, we’ve had a lot of steak in our life, but what stood out here was how clean and natural everything tasted.

The Ottomanellis aren’t joking when they say their natural meats are quality, all-natural, and free of antibiotics, steroids, and growth hormones.

Basically, these five-star steaks are what meat should be–healthy, flavorful and nourishing.


Ottomanelli’s deliveries are now available in NYC, Nassau, and Suffolk counties. All deliveries will be scheduled with a follow-up e-mail or a customer service call.

For more information, please phone 718-651-5544 or visit


Images Courtesy of NewsWhistle