NEW YORK – Cool Products From The 2016 TechStyle NYC Showcase

TechStyle NYC — a shimmering showcase of tech and fashion — held its latest event this week in New York as part of the New York Fashion Week celebrations.

Below are just a few of the future-forward fashion companies that TechStyle NYC brought to the forefront during their NYFW “Experience” at Bennett Media Studio in Greenwich Village.

For more about TechStyle NYC, and to see a calendar of their upcoming events around America, click here.


So what companies caught our fancy?


1. NEO Nail Tech – 3D printed nails.



2. Danielle Fosberry – Fashion made with advanced digital techniques and computer aided manufacturing.



3. VanDeerWaals – Handbags that change colors with use of an app.


Other companies featured at the TechStyle NYC event included:

ic! Berlin – screwless eyeglasses;

* nicepipes – leg and arm warmers;

* Undo Labs – magnetic-tipped shoelaces;

* Luma Legacy – tech-inspired charm bracelets; and

* Suuchi – an online custom tailor.



Lead-In Image Courtesy of NYFW Techstyle Brand Showcase