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North Korea: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the hippest of them all? One would think an Academy awardee may deserve the title.  But it turns out to be North Korea’s paramount leader Kim Jong-un, who may have deserved the limelight last week with his new trapezoidal hair style and trimmed eyebrow.

Kim not only created a sensation among Western media, but he even managed to stimulate heated discussions among netizens, some of  whom compared him to Guile, one of the best-loved heroes of the popular video game, Street Fighter II.

But pundits surmised that Kim put on a fresh new look to pay his “personal tribute” to his father, Kim Jong-il, or, as some suggest, his grandfather, Kim Il-sung.

On 19 February, the enigmatic Kim was shown addressing the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party, the ruling elite of North Korea.  But the leader’s new look eclipsed his more serious speech against abuses of power, bureaucracy and corruption in the country.

Here’s the new look:

And here’s our favorite “haircut” song:


Technology: Beijing-based computer manufacturing giant, Lenovo, declared last week that it had disabled Superfish, an elusive but pernicious piece of programming pre-installed in its new notebooks.  It also promised to provide a tool for Lenovo laptop owners to remove the software.

Superfish, a tool developed by the namesake company based in Tel Aviv and Palo Alto, allows the PC to list third-party advertisements in the Google search results or, as reported by some irked users, pop up unwanted messages.

Lenovo explained that the complimentary adware was supposed to enhance users’ experiences by presenting them identical or similar products to what they were searching, but offered at lower prices.  The downside? The tool — which defies detection by anti-virus software — could make some data vulnerable to hack attacks.

How can you remove Superfish? PCMag has all your answers:


US: Steve Jobs might not even have envisioned it: the company that he practically founded in a garage may now be building a product closely connected to its own cradle — an electric car.

Grapevines spreading in Silicon Valley suggest that Apple has been up to building a secretive automobile laboratory.  But the company remains reticent.

In what the Guardian last week described as  a “hiring spree,” Apple is seen to be as aggressively as its creator in grabbing specialists of all sorts from vehicle safety to battery technologies from industrial leaders such as A123 Systems, Tesla, Toyota, and Mercedes-Benz, to name a few.

Former Ford executive and the brainchild of Apple’s iPod and iPhone, Steve Zadesky, is said to be heading the “Project Titan” to develop an electric car prototype for Apple.

But the battery company A123 Systems is apparently upset by the sudden brain drain and sues Apple for “poaching” its top engineers.

If the industry’s speculation turns out to be real, will Apple’s new endeavour again enchant its faithful followers?

Take it away, Bloomberg News:


Turkey: Evening news audience in Turkey might not see politics to be anything different from child play last week as parliamentarians brawled with punches and kicks over a controversial bill that, if enacted, would significantly boost police powers against protesters.

While the ruling Justice and Development Party justifies the bill on national security grounds, the opposition worries that further widening of police powers will usher the country into a police state under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and vows to stall the bill by “resorting to delaying tactics such as presenting motions on unrelated subjects,” as the Guardian reported.

Since we believe in a peaceful assembly of public representatives trying to reach consensus by rational debate and reasoning, we will not be showing the video of boxing lawmakers .

Instead, we give you “How To Hug A Non-Hugger”.


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