Five Things to Know About the Super Bowl

NewsWhistle contributor Norah Lawlor compiles a list of trendsetting and newsworthy items from around the globe.

This week, Norah curates some interesting facts and figures about this Sunday’s Super Bowl.


The Super Bowl is more than the culmination of America’s unique sport which combines elements of football (soccer) and rugby which are more universally played.  Regardless of the level of understanding and appreciation of this sport it is a spectacle and as much as a final game to end the season it is a unique party event across America and for its fans internationally.  This year’s game has, as ever many interesting facts and facets which we think NewsWhistle devotees will appreciate – and should you find yourself at an event this Sunday you will be more informed by reading on…


1. It’s a clash of corporations not just teams

The two teams in the 49th Super Bowl this Sunday at Arizona have two interesting owners.  The New England Patriots are owned by Robert Kraft of the Kraft Group which owns the largest privately owned paper and packaging company in the United States.  Paul Allen is the former co-founder of Microsoft with Bill Gates and owner of the Seattle Seahawks.  Whilst the Patriots won Super Bowls in quick succession in the early 2000s more recent appearances have not brought the same success.  Seattle meanwhile have visions of becoming the “New New England Patriots” establishing their own dynasty of Super Bowl victories.


2. It’s a TV extravaganza!

A Super Bowl television advertisement slot is amongst the most expensive an average 30 second advert costs in excess of $4 million in order to reach a viewership of some 110 million people. Coverage typically starts late morning on the day and runs for several hours – before the kickoff. Advertisers produce special ads and are as big a source of enjoyment as the game can be. This 2015 watch out for ads involving Mrs. Kanye West (or Kim Kardashian).  Halfway through the Super Bowl match is a half-time show.  Yes, the pitch is turned into a music arena for a show by an internationally known artist – this year is pop songstress Katy Perry following in the footsteps of Michael Jackson, the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney and Madonna.


3. Americans are hungry on Super Bowl day!

According to the Snack Foods Association on Super Bowl Day, Americans consume double the number of snacks, collectively some 33 million pounds of snack foods collectively with the average attendees consuming some 1,200 calories.

Foods relevant to this year’s Super Bowl are Skittles (favorite of Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch).  At Seattle’s stadium one of the upstart team’s favorite foods to try is The DangeRuss Dog. Named after Seattle’s darling young quarterback, Russell Wilson, the hot dog combines a stadium classic with Wilson’s love for macaroni and cheese. The foot-long tube steak is topped with mac and cheese made with Seattle-based Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, plus a bevy of caramelized onions, Sriracha-honey hot sauce, jalapeno peppers and fried tortilla strips.

For the New England Patriots think of a more classic Boston chowder soup, oysters, fried clams, lobster finished with a Boston cream pie.


4. If you made it to Phoenix, Arizona, congratulations!

This year’s ticket price to attend the Super Bowl starts at around $3,300 – add in your airfare and hotel and it is quite a price.  That said, the Super Bowl is on the same day as the Phoenix open golf tournament winds up – an event which typically attracts hundreds of thousands of golf fans.  ESPN’s 11th annual Super Bowl party will be held Friday 29th January, 2015 at Scottsdale’s Westworld.  Other events include the “Madden Bowl XXI”, Maxim, Billboard and Rolling Stone magazine all have exciting parties to attend.


5. Hot Places to Watch the Super Bowl 2015

The average Super Bowl party has 17 attendees but for a real crowd atmosphere why not celebrate at a great bar or restaurant. has listings for parties in Seattle and Boston and both teams will be hosting exclusive parties in their home towns.

Seattle are hosting a free Super Bowl Fan Fest at Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondback’s starting at 1:30pm this Saturday Jan 31st, 2015.  Hardcore Patriots fans will hold a tailgate party outside Gilette Stadium – which will be memorable given the impact of winter storm Juno on the region.

In New York, home to the broadcast media beaming the event around the country why not try Latitude Bar & Grill at 783 8th Avenue in Midtown West. Latitude is a dynamic entertainment space with 20 large screen TVs ensuring a panoramic view with not a moment of the action out of sight. A fun and lively spot to enjoy all the game-day revelry, Latitude will have a 3-hour premium open bar, passed hors d’Oeuvres and buffet dinner.

Another great option is one of my favorite client restaurants, the classically-chic Upper East Side eatery T-Bar Steak & Lounge (1278 3rd Avenue, between 73rd and 74th Streets), which will have four large TVs playing the game. The kitchen, headed by renowned chef Ben Zwicker, has crafted a special menu featuring all the Super Bowl favorites with a gourmet T-Bar twist, including Nathans “Lorber” Dog, Hot & Spicy Angel Wings with blue cheese and celery, and Nachos.


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Norah Lawlor is a New York based global trend and travel observer in addition to being the founder and owner of Public Relations strategy firm Lawlor Media Group.


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