Old Love – Six Crucial Questions for Danny Golden


We subscribe to the Oatmeal Cookie Theory — which posits that one must enjoy a simple pleasure to remember that the simplest things in life are indeed the best.

Why are we telling you this?

We forgot just how good a banjo and a country twang can sound until we heard Danny Golden’s music.

And we also forgot the impact of a great cliffhanger until we read Danny’s response to our last question.

Danny’s album Old Love drops November 2nd. Until then, our Six Crucial Questions for the singer-songwriter…



NAME: Danny Golden

AGE (if you want to give it up): 25

BAND: Danny Golden

POSITION: Singer/Songwriter

HOMETOWN: Pittsburgh born, Austin-based


1. What is your earliest musical memory?

Singing “Jingle Bells” to strangers on the beach as a two-year-old. I’ve always had a thing for entertaining. And I always feel inspired to make music when I’m near the ocean. Might be a Pisces thing.


2. What has been your most embarrassing musical moment?

Battle of the bands in college- we were playing “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” by Tame Impala. It’s a hard song to sing. Totally out of my range. We rehearsed it in three different keys to find one I could sing in. Came time for the show, and each member of the band played their part in a different key. I was left hanging out to dry at the microphone singing a song I couldn’t sing with a dissonant mess going on behind me. It was three and a half minutes of panic. I still can’t listen to that song without having flashbacks.


3. What do you like and dislike about touring?

Like: The adventure, connecting with people all over the country, the band getting tighter with every show.

Dislikes: The loneliness.




4. What is your favorite record store, anywhere in the world?

I really wasn’t a record store kid. There wasn’t a record store remotely near my house. I grew up in the era of CDs and by the time I was really into music, everything came from the iTunes store (and Limewire). Now as an adult, I’m only just getting introduced to the beauty of vinyl.

I stop by Waterloo Records here in Austin pretty regularly.


5. Other than your own music, what is your favorite song or album of all-time? Why?

Keith Jarrett- The Koln Concert. It’s all in there. The answers and the questions.


6. You wake up in a seedy Berlin hotel room with no recollection of the past 96 hours. Who is your first call?

This would not be the first time I’ve been in over my head in Germany. I spent a night in Munich in German police custody. Ask me about it after a show and I’ll tell you the story. It’s pretty funny.




Images courtesy of DRUNKLUCK Records and Noisy Ghost PR.

Lead-In Image by Photographer William T. Carlson; Other Portraits by Photographer Kendall Rock.


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