On A Night Like This: Hong Kong

We thought writer Lindsay Cheng would make a helluva NewsWhistle contributor. And, boy, were we right.

For Lindsay’s first outing, we sent her to cover Beertopia, Hong Kong’s annual craft beer festival.

Here’s Lindsay’s report about enjoying a bunch of microbrews on a clear spring night and watching her friends give into something called “Beer Pressure.”

Take it away, Lindsay . . .

LC: Hong Kong’s biggest craft beer festival has been and gone — and what a night it was. As we’re all just about sobering up, here is a review on what we think receives our top whistles and the not so hot . . . whistles.

Location . . .


Set at the West Kowloon waterfront with Hong Kong’s stunning iconic buildings in the backdrop, we trolled through the crowds in search of good beer.


The party started off in a rather sophisticated way, it’s a haven of fabulous concoctions . . .


We tried a bit of British, liked the Japanese, and couldn’t miss out on the German stuff (goes without saying really) . . . and a bit of Canadian dark ale, too . . .


Cheers looking at you . . . And a few more beers later…


Then, all hands were in as we found a cute keg of White Rabbit from Singapore …


And after a few more beers, oh, dear, my friends gave in to Beer Pressure …



All the while, local bands from The Underground music showcase pumped wicked tunes from their Marshalls . . .


So the Verdict . . . 

You know what we were going to rate the bad beers, but with some suds in the belly everyone is a winner at Beertopia.

Ok, so the fruity flavoured beers — such as  New Zealand’s Monteith’s Crushed Apple Cider and the Belgium Früli Strawberry Beer Fruit Beer — did receive a few puzzled looks from our manlier Beertopians. It was a tad too sweet for beer lovers, they said. And what is it with the Belgium chocolate and honey infused beers? they asked.

But, truth be told, I loved the microbrewed stuff, even the fruity options.

We really were surrounded by a great variety of beers, but our top craft beer picks (in no particular order) go to:

• Coedo Shiro Wheat Beer from Japan – smooth and elegant (mmm, loved this one);
• Hopwired Indian Pale Ale from New Zealand – refreshing;
• Brewerkz White Rabbit Wheat Beer from Singapore – mellow and smooth (though we had more fun drinking out of the keg);
• König Ludwig Weissbier from Germany – crisp and refreshing, an easy gulp;
• Keiler Wheat Beer from Germany – rustic and hearty, a great pleasure;
• Old Speckled Hen British Ale from England – classic, easy to drink;
• Whistler Brewing Black Tusk Ale Dark Ale from Canada – dark and delightfully subtle (liked the bottle); and
• Boxing Cat TKO Indian Pale Ale – a hint of caramel aromas, nice malty taste, very interesting.

And there you have it . . . an awesome night for beer lovers and a great time out with good friends.

See you around town, Beertopians! Until then, eat, drink and keep on being merry!

– LC

— end it —

Lindsay Cheng will return again with the “On A Night Like This” series . . .