On Our Screens: Passion (1986)

Film: Passion

Year: 1986

Country: Hong Kong

Director: Sylvia Chang

Starring: Sylvia Chang, George Lam, Cora Miao


Square and unstylish he may appear, Lam Chun-yin is no amateur when it comes to wooing girls.

He will swap his wriggling fishing pole with his date so that she believes she is so skillful, or well, plain lucky, to have hooked the prized catch of the day.

Lam will take a long detour on his classic Mark 2 Jaguar so that his passenger can enjoy the rest of her favourite tune before the automobile glides and stops at her doorsteps.

Try to offer a lift but the girl is riding on her bike?  No sweat.  Lam will escort her, from behind, just to assure her that he is omnipresent.

And instead of sending a real rose, Lam will craft one from the peel of a fresh tomato.  It is as red as a rose, no doubt, and edible, too.

All these skills impress Wendy Pai.  And before long she finds Lam’s charm no longer resistible.

So, isn’t it just another sweet and simple love tale?

Everything seems perfect, except that the duo made three most serious and fundamental blunders: first, Lam Chun-yin is recently engaged.  Second, his fiancée, the strong-willed Ng Ming-yuk, happens to be Wendy’s most intimate friend (and Ming-yuk is definitely not turning over her lover without a fight).  Third, Wendy becomes pregnant.

Despite Wendy’s wrongs, a slow-moving nostalgic romance unfolds, and still manages to reclaim every audience’s sympathy…

“Passion” is a 1986 Hong Kong film directed by the very gifted Sylvia Chang, who played the role of Wendy Pai.  The film, cataloged as “Zui ai” in imdb.com, also stars George Lam and Cora Miao.

The characters, their attire and dialogue may seem seriously outmoded to audiences today, yet the story is still enough to touch the heart and resonate with sentimental types for days.


Rating (one to five whistles, five being the best): Three-and-a-half Whistles


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