A Perfect Travel Gift Under 10 Dollars – SpongeBob SquarePants Golf Balls

We didn’t expect to discover a great idea under the hot Hawaiian sun in the middle of a lava rock field.

But while playing golf on the big island of Kona — and slicing our ball to the left — we found a SpongeBob SquarePants golf ball at the bottom of a rocky hazard.


We picked up our new neon-colored friend, dusted it off, and walked back to Hole 7 of the Waikoloa Beach Course, a beautiful stretch overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

And it was there on the fairway that we tried the new ball out. We gripped our 5 iron, swung away and watched as the bright yellow ball sailed straight and landed on the green.


spongebob embed


Wow, not only did the smiling ball make us grin, it made us look good, too.

Doing some research you can find these golf balls — brought to you by Nickelodeon and WIlson — for about $6 for a pack of six.

Buy a box for the golfer or comic aficionado in your life. Hey, for six dollars each, maybe even buy ’em two.


Images Courtesy of NewsWhistle