Power Up With New York’s Weights-Only Group Fitness Studio


Just in time to make those New Year’s resolutions a reality is a pumped-up exercise experience that may one day make it to a neighborhood near you.

It’s a “weights-only” group-fitness studio, which for now has only opened its doors on Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District in New York City.

The Manhattan-based program is called LIFTONIC, and it offers an innovative exercise technique, which promises to tighten your waist, tone your tummy, and straighten your stance in just four weeks.

The LIFTONIC experience — created by Australian fitness expert and trainer Radan Sturm — is a 50-minute session for up to 20 class members.

The class is a forward-thinking alternative to traditional cardiovascular training. And LIFTONIC’s method of moderate to low rep range sets (10-20) — and swift switches between movements — make for an unequivocally high intensity muscle-toning work out.

To say “no” to plateau, new workouts are introduced every four weeks allowing participants enough time to increase their weights (ensuring maximum results), while also challenging themselves with fresh exercises.

Saud Sturm: “Though the endorphin release is similar to one achieved from cardio exercise, it is only a resistance-based method like LIFTONIC that can actually build and tone muscle, increase metabolism, burn fat, improve posture and help one to maintain results for the long term.”

To learn more, stop by the custom-built LIFTONIC studio — located at 13 Gansevoort Street — or visit their official online site.




Images Courtesy of LIFTONIC