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A Bespoke Bicycle
by Maison Tamboite Paris


It’s very rare for a company to create something so luxurious and so beautiful, but Maison Tamboite Paris is doing just that — producing the most amazing bespoke bicycles with elegance and ease since 1912.

How serious are Maison Tamboite about craftsmanship and style?

They take at least 15 measurements of each client in their private Parisian shop before building the perfect handcrafted bicycle over the course of four months.

As the company says on their website: “If we are constantly focusing on elegance and strength of style, it is because each creation must blend the components of an extremely complex alchemy: refined design, fluidity, pure elegant lines and respect for an aesthetic heritage that is the source of inspiration and modernity. It must also include every technical necessity without unnecessary affectations. All these aspects work towards a single aim: to spark emotion.”

Below, you’ll find one of Maison Tamboite’s purest models: The Marcel.

Price upon request.


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