Moist On & Rinse Off
by Esscentric


esscentric’s new hand wash (rinse OFF) and body-hand lotion (moist ON) combo promises to cleanse, calm and pamper.

Made with soothing and refreshing essential oils, you can now immerse yourself in the smoky, artist-blended scents of Sandalwood, Vetiver, Patchouli, Palo Santo, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Petitgrain and Mandarin Green.

With esscentric‘s latest EFFERVESCENT set you can transcend your daily beauty experience — while knowing you’ve placed yourself in very good hands.



  • Hand Wash – RINSE OFF – US$49 / HK$380
  • Body and Hand Lotion – MOIST ON – US$62 / HK$480
  • Full Set With Tray – US$308 / HK$2400


Shipping: Calculated by vendor.


About essentric:

Using 100% pure essential oils, esscentric’s blends are as original as you are. Sensuous jojoba oil acts as the base, keeping the blends active on your skin even longer. Each blend is composed of at least 11 different oils, sourced from around the world, with some using up to 35 essential oils, and all are carefully blended to ensure a long-lasting balance of scent that evolves over time in response to your own skin.

esscentric’s perfume oils are intimate and subtle, creating a cocoon of well-being around you, so you can stay balanced when all the world’s going crazy. esscentric makes perfume for rebels, who won’t stand for the synthetic products we’re constantly being sold, who want something different and original, and who refuse to grow up.


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