The Aubrey Resin Necklace



This chic resin choker by Pono exudes a cool grace, perfect for those fall nights on the town.



Material: Italian Resin

Size: Length 45 cm

Closure: Adjustable brass chain & lobster claw closure



Price: $390


Shipping Information: Please visit PONO’s customer service page.


Product Description: Style P2029 / Color Ginger


About PONO:

PONO was launched in 2003 by sisters Joan Goodman and Barbara Barnett. For the past decade, Joan has designed each collection, while Barbara has run the business. Together they have cultivated a reputation for producing jewelry with an artistic, timeless sense of luxury, durability and originality.

 PONO is the Hawaiian word for righteousness in all its forms: quality; morality; goodness; virtuousness; in perfect order. It also carries an implication of belonging within the realm of necessary and beneficial.

This is what we wanted to embody, our wearers to embrace: being anchored, expressive, illuminating; not just in terms of look and feel but also when it comes to design, production and the ethics of the everyday.

From the start, PONO has been inspired by the breathtaking exoticism of Hawaii (perhaps Joan’s favorite place in the entire world; and where, in the 1970’s she met a fascinating woman named Pono), the eclectic creativity of New York City (where our creative and commercial work takes place) and the sophistication and tradition of Italy (where our jewelry is lovingly, artisanally manufactured).

Today, with hundreds of items to offer-rendered in materials as diverse as horn, wood, metal, shell and Italian resin, PONO is honored and delighted to offer women timeless pieces that remain eminently creative, colorful, conscious and collectible.


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