Royal Cristal Caviar
by Royal Caviar Club


This outstanding golden brown caviar comes from the roe of a mature farmed sturgeon – a hybrid between the saltwater Beluga and the freshwater Kaluga. If you’re a caviar connoisseur – or want to try an exquisite delight – you’ll love sampling a tin. The blend is juicy, slightly salty and buttery – and will have your mouth watering in no time!

A true delicacy, at a great price, sourced from the Amur River, on the Russian border.



Per Tin – HK$800 (30g); HK$1200 (50g); HK$2100 (100g); and HK$8800 (500g).

For The Caviar Trio Gift Set – Typically HK$3000, Royal Caviar Club is offering an introductory price of HK$2700. Each set contains: three 30g tins of Premium Beluga Hybrid Caviar; two Royal Caviar Club mother-of-pearl spoons; and a Royal Caviar Club luxury wooden gift box.


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Shipping: Only sold in Hong Kong and Macau, with bulk orders to China.


About Royal Caviar Club (RCC):

“Living well, is life’s most joyful flavor” – RCC

FROM RCC – “Royal Caviar Club offers you exclusive access to a world of fine things and rare pleasures – from premium caviar and champagne to luxury accessories.

“A passion is to source the very best of the best, premier products that are meticulously selected and impeccably packaged.

“Our mission is to let you experience true caviar culture and bring the finest things in life within easy reach.”


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The Royal Caviar Club Lifestyle:

FROM RCC – “Royal Caviar Club began as a passion project between a small group of talented people, all with an eye for exceptional quality and value.

“Their unique taste and vision has enabled the Club to bring together a unique selection of the world’s finest caviars. Produced by traditional methods, these contain very little salt and no preservatives.

“Caviar is more than just a delicacy, it is a way of life. The Royal Caviar Club brand is represented by Russian-born Oxana Dragun, “the Caviar Lady.” An acclaimed expert, she uses her extensive knowledge, love for the product, and incomparable style to promote caviar culture.

  • “RCC only offers A-grade caviar that we source from the best farms around the world, depending on what is in season.
  • “Our caviars are all produced in an environmentally-friendly way using sustainable farming methods.
  • “This caviar is drawn from a limited number of premier sturgeon that are farmed in large rivers and lakes, giving a flavor similar to wild sturgeon.
  • “Our caviars contains only a hint of oil and a minimum of salt.
  • “A totally naturally product, our caviars are 100% preservative-free, unlike cheaper brands that contain borax to extend their shelf life.
  • “Each tin or jar, comes with a CITES certificate and full documentation.”


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