A Book Of Poetry
by Erik La Prade



We’re big fans of Erik La Prade (as seen by our quote down below) – and his latest book of poetry called Weather is another gem.

If you’re a city lover who enjoys someone capturing the rhythms of Gotham and beyond, you’ll find that La Prade has a rare gift: he can bottle, elevate and immortalize the simplest of metropolitan moments.

Weather debuts on November 24th.

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“Erik La Prade became one of my favorite poets after I read ‘An Erotic Memory of New York in the 1980s,’ a masterful recounting of a holiday encounter in Manhattan. La Prade’s observations are insightful, colorful, and profound. He is a stand-out talent recording expressions of life and love, both in and out of the big city.” — Dan Kadison, founder, NewsWhistle.com

” Erik La Prade tries hard to write ordinary poems. He doesn’t succeed. During the quotidian day, light and the miraculous shine thru the cracks.” — Harry Nudel, writer/poet

“In his ability to render the gritty landscape of his own most private insights and obsessions with haunting lyrical exactness, Erik La Prade belongs to a pantheon of streetwise versifies, alongside Frank O’Hara, Delmore Schwartz, Charles Reznikoff, Steve Dalachinsky, and Harry Nudel.” — Alan Kaufman, editor, The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry 


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Images courtesy of Erik La Prade and Last Word Press

Erik La Prade, Jackson Pollock’s Studio, East Hampton, NY