Propaganda Poster T-Shirt
by Goods Of Desire

Comfortable, stylish and fun, this top-drawer tee comes from Goods of Desire, one of our favorite design companies in Hong Kong.

Inspired by the retro propaganda posters from the Cultural Revolution in China, this short sleeve gem depicts a proud worker holding what has come to be known as the “Little Red Book,” a book of select quotes and statements from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung, founder of the People’s Republic of China.

Known for their humor, Hong Kong flair, and award-winning designs, Goods of Desire — affectionately known as G.O.D. — has been creating home accessories, fashion, and premium gifts since 1996.

This is one of our go-to shops in Hong Kong, and the t-shirt is a perfect way to get to know the company.

The tee also makes for an excellent gift, especially as G.O.D.’s designs are known to sell out fast.


Pricing: US$38 / HK$290


Shipping Information: G.O.D. ships wherever Hong Kong SpeedPost will go! Rates and customs / duties vary per country.



About Goods of Desire:

Goods of Desire is Hong Kong’s original lifestyle store and a quintessential Hong Kong brand. In Cantonese, the letters G.O.D. phonetically resemble the phrase “to live better” encapsulating the idea of aspirational living.


All G.O.D. products are designed in-house by a multi-disciplinary design team who are inspired by the vibrant culture of the energetic city of HK, where the east meets the west and age-old traditions meet cutting-edge technology.


With wit and creativity, G.O.D. turns everyday subjects into truly extraordinary objects, providing a sophisticated image of the city for an international audience.


G.O.D.’s home accessories, fashion, and premium gifts are available online and in museum shops and other fine stores around the world.

G.O.D.’s “Propaganda Poster” tee is available below.


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