Russia Travel Essay – Part 3 – From St Petersburg To Moscow



The return from St. Petersburg was equally amazing although I would recommend the Grand Express, which is a private train company, over the new luxury train cars of Russian Railways.

Two more places in Moscow to recommend:

Bar Strelka, situated on a little island floating in the middle of the Moscow River that reminded me of Ile Saint Louis and Ile de la Cite in Paris, where I used to stay in cute 3 star establishments feeling so lucky to be in Paris.  The Red October chocolate factory was next door as well, adding to the giddy party atmosphere of this little floating plot of land.

One last stop on Malaya Bronnaya was at Aist, aka the Stork, with its wide terrace on the corner street as well as the upper floors give you the best of summer living in Moscow that you can ever get.

My trip ended with a Russian twist.  Intent on getting myself some Omul fish roe, I went to a local grocery store only to be told I would have to travel to the Baikal Lake to get this type of fish roe.  So I decided to look for caviar.  Caviar is roe from the Sturgeon, King of Fish.  I found a small glass jar with the signature blue tin cap for caviar and was surprised to see how affordable the caviar was.  I knew we were in Russia, but this was still too cheap.  I looked closely to see that this was “Analog” caviar, “no GMO added.”  Figuring this may be some type of farmed caviar, I decided to take a chance anyway.  “Analog” caviar turned out to be “simulated” caviar, essentially trout roe stained to look like sturgeon roe.  It seemed seaweed ink did the trick in staining.  No worry I found two great uses for this caviar – on a breakfast blini with sour cream, and with angel hair pasta in light butter and oil!  Yum!!!


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