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Seeds, Sadness, Despair, a Parallel Universe – This is World News In Focus


Norway: The Norwegian-owned Global Seed Vault on the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard was flooded by melted ice.

Opened in 2008 and buried under 100 metres deep of permafrost inside a mountain, the concrete bunker stores refrigerated seeds from 5,000 crop species.

The vault’s purpose is to protect humanity’s food supply against any man-made or natural disaster of a global scale, such as an asteroid strike or some nuclear catastrophe.

But persistent global warming has melted arctic ice and water gushed into the tunnel leading to the vault.

Fortunately, the precious seeds are safe for now, but measures are being put in place to enhance security of the seeds.

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Pop culture: Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell hanged himself on Thursday.

The 52-year-old Audioslave and Soundgarden singer was found dead in his room at the MGM Grand Detroit hotel.

Chris Cornell was perhaps best remembered for helping take the grunge sound of the 1990s into the music mainstream.

Cornell’s family was shocked by his sudden death.  Despite his history of alcoholism and drug abuse, Cornell’s wife, Vicky, remained unconvinced that the singer choose his own demise.

Just hours before his death, Cornell was believed to be tweeting about how the concert he and Soundgarden played in Detroit was sold-out.

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Science: Astronomers were excited by the claim from UK scientists that a parallel universe is for real.

Professor Tom Shanks and his team of the Durham University’s Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy have been observing a patch of the sky which is colder and contains many fewer galaxies than its neighbor.

But some studies have shown that such a “massive supervoid,” which is observed to be 1.8 billion light years across, is mathematically impossible.

Scientists now speculate that this so-called Cold Spot could be a glitch in the “big bang,” a theory which suggests the Universe as we know it was formed from a gargantuan but uniform expansion.

But Professor Shanks suggests a much bolder and mind-boggling alternative: the Cold Spot could be a result of a collision between our Universe and another of our bubble counterparts.

In any of such “universes,” scientists claim, the physical laws, such as speed of light or gravity, may be completely different.

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U.S.: President Donald Trump flew to the Middle East, his first official overseas visit.

Trump’s first destination was Saudi Arabia, where he gave a well-received speech, signed bilateral agreements, and managed to close several lucrative arm deals, which reportedly were worth some $110 billion.

Meanwhile, back at home, the controversial president was facing intense pressure from angry opponents for the recent allegations that he had leaked highly classified intelligence to Russian officials and then attempted to block an FBI probe into his role in the with Russia during the last presidential election.

Some Democratic Party politicians have been calling to impeach the president.  Fortunately for the President, his opponents seem to put the radical reaction on a leash, as Democratic leaders in Congress announced in a press conference on that they were not yet taking the steps to remove Trump from office.

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