Six Crucial Questions for Chris from the UK band Cattle


Cattle describes themselves as a noise rock band from Leeds, UK.

Their music, they say, is influenced by bands such as Big Business, Dope Body and Godheadsilo.

Listen closely to their latest album, Nature’s Champion, and you can hear the sounds of Fugazi, Metallica, and Slaves UK, too.

You also should know Cattle has no guitarist and an extra drummer.

Two drummers in a band? Yup, and that’s a nice touch.

Cattle’s a risk-taking quartet that knows no bounds – and they’re producing music that’s loud, real, and fired-up.

It’s edgy and experimental stuff; it’s the type of music that makes you want to be young again.

Give their song “Moon Crawl” a go and you’ll hear what we mean. It’s a six-minute sensation filled with sax moans and pulsating surges, a percussive soundtrack to your next vampire orgy, perhaps?

In our book, Cattle is as cool as ranch dressing.

Check them out on Bandcamp.

See ’em live.

Or get to know them through the words of their vocalist Chris. Just Chris. We’re on a first name basis 🙂






NAME: Chris (pictured above)

AGE (if you want to give it up): 30

BAND: Cattle

POSITION: Vocalist



1. What is your earliest musical memory?

Sitting in the back of my family’s car listening to Simply Red on repeat and being powerless to stop it.


2. What has been your most embarrassing musical moment?

I can’t remember anything really embarrassing, but I do enjoy saying the wrong name of a city at a gig (for example, “thank you and goodnight Sheffield” when we’re actually in Leeds and I know full well we’re in Leeds).


3. What do you like and dislike about touring?

Like – meeting new people, having a laugh with friends. Dislike – not getting any sleep (I’m strictly an 8-hour-a-night man).


4. What is your favorite record store, anywhere in the world?

Either Relics records in Leeds (because I like to call the owner and request records that don’t exist), or Jumbo Records (which is amazing).


5. Other than your own music, what is your favorite song or album of all-time? Why?

Ween – Chocolate and Cheese (album).

Incredible songs and it reminds me of great friendships and to not take myself so seriously.


6. You wake up in a seedy Berlin hotel room with no recollection of the past 96 hours. Who is your first call?

Werner Herzog. I bet he can get anyone out of a pickle.


Album Cover – Nature’s Champion



Image of Chis and YouTube Video Courtesy of Cattle;

Album Cover (Nature’s Champion) Courtesy of Hominid Sounds; and

Cow Nose Image (Lead-In and Below) Courtesy of Andrzej Wilusz /




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