Six Ways To Becoming A Caviar Connoisseur – By Royal Caviar Club


Royal Caviar Club (RCC) is a Hong Kong-based company providing A-grade caviar to customers throughout Hong Kong and Macau, and bulk orders to China.

According to RCC: “No two caviars taste the same. Much like wine, it is full of complex, subtle flavors, and you will discover something new and individual in each caviar you savor. RCC is dedicated to revealing and celebrating authentic caviar culture.”

We’ve tried RCC’s Premium Hybrid Beluga Caviar and all we can say is “wow”! Truly a simple, scrumptious and luxurious experience. That’s why we’re including it in our Fall Catalogue — and imparting more caviar wisdom to our readers.

Here are Royal Caviar Club’s six steps to becoming a caviar connoisseur:



“Caviar should always be chilled when served. Store it in a refrigerator at between 2OC (68F) and minus 20C (minus 4F).”



“Opening a caviar tin is easy, just twist it with a coin.”



“Observe the size and color of caviar roe. It can be from light to dark brown, or even gold in color. The texture should be firm and plump, not squashed or squidgy.”



“To savor its complex flavors, lift some caviar between thumb and forefinger and place on the back of your hand. The warmth of your skin will release the rich aromas from each pearl.”



“When the caviar is in your mouth, gently spread the individual eggs over your palate. Good quality caviar tastes clean, buttery and not too salty.”



“Caviar is especially delicious when paired with champagne. The bubbles help release the caviar flavors, and the two combine to create amazing tastes. Cheers!”


About Royal Caviar Club

From RCC: “Royal Caviar Club began as a passion project between a small group of talented people, all with an eye for exceptional quality and value.

“Their unique taste and vision has enabled the Club to bring together a unique selection of the world’s finest caviars. Produced by traditional methods, these contain very little salt and no preservatives.

“Caviar is more than just a delicacy, it is a way of life. The Royal Caviar Club brand is represented by Russian-born Oxana Dragun, “The Caviar Lady.” An acclaimed expert, she uses her extensive knowledge, love for the product, and incomparable style to promote caviar culture.”


Lead-In Image Courtesy of Royal Caviar Club