AWOPBAMBOOM Vol. 50: Music 4 Music People

From our first AWOPBAMBOOM in 2013 to our 50th edition, here’s a recap of what’s been orbiting our musical universe… along with a sampling of what’s to come.


What They’ve Been Up To…

Cage the Elephant
We anxiously brought 5 Kentuckians to your attention in AWOPBAMBOOM Vol. 2, circa 2013. Our feature came just ahead of their Melophobia EP, which is now their third of four total albums.

Clean Bandit, “Rather Be”
Electronic orchestras–spreading good vibes and happiness since AWOP Vol. 22.


Our Personal Favs…

Halsey, “New Americana”
First featured in AWOP 5, Halsey was introduced as a provocative musician with a knack for the dramatic. AWOPs 41/42 featured her latest album, Castle. Arguably, the best song off her album is “New Americana.” The music vid dropped on September 25th of this year.

Leon Bridges
You may remember Bridges from AWOP 13 as the heir apparent to the Otis Redding/Sam Cooke throne. Maybe that was an overstatement, but we still think this guy can bridge the gap back to some good ol’ soul.

AWOP 43 thrived with the help of Exo, the all-boy K-Pop ensemble, bringing Christmas cheer. Well, it’s Christmas and sometimes “the usuals” don’t cut it anymore. Try this on for size.


What’s To Come…

Imany feat. Filatov & Karas, “Don’t Be So Shy”
What to expect in future AWOPs? …An enjoyable influx of international tunes, that’s what!

This one’s a soulful electronic tune, and at the moment, a chart topper in Turkey.

DJ Khaled ft. Chris Brown, August Alsina & Fetty Wap, “Gold Slugs”
Another catchy tune from one of the biggest collaborators in the biz.


Dawn ft. Silento, “Dessert”
Not necessarily an international track, but this sure-fire club track tops the charts in Indonesia, surpassing the likes of Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, and Kygo.


AWOP 50 Playlist…

We conclude our 50th volume of AWOPBAMBOOM with the best of the best from our previous 49 editions. We tried to keep it to 25 tracks but that didn’t go too well, so you’ll have to accept our offering of 26.


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