Hong Kong’s Tai-Pan Beer Co. Reviews James Clavell’s “Tai Pan” Book


NOVEL: Tai-Pan: A Novel of Hong Kong

AUTHOR: James Clavell



How did Hong Kong, a group of islands in the South China Sea, end up part of the British Empire? Why do the Chinese still feel great anger over the Opium Wars and yet the love affair with Britain continues in Hong Kong? How did massive multinationals end up based on this tiny granite outcrop?

If you wondered about this at all — and wanted your answer dressed up in historical fiction — Tai-Pan ( or “big shot” in Cantonese) is the novel for you!

James Clavell does a great job evoking a world of adventure, trade, political intrigue and greed, as the two clans that are mortal enemies, the Struans and the Brocks battle it out to control the destiny and wealth of the Pearl River Delta.

To be fair Clavell also makes sure to develop the Chinese characters, and the nuances are excellent, though the writing may be a bit melodramatic at times!

Overall however this is great read and maybe one Clavell’s best books in his “Asian Saga” series.

So crack upon a beer, put your feet up and let the history of Hong Kong unfold before your eyes. And remember… there can only be one Tai-Pan!


RATING (one to five whistles, with five being the best): Four Whistles






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