Star Wars VII: Are The Fan-Made Parodies Better Than The Real Teaser Trailer?

An 88-second teaser trailer for the new Star Wars sequel premiered last week and like everyone else we were excited to see it.

If you haven’t, here it is:

After watching, we’re one of the few critics that can’t give it a glowing review.

What we saw was a rapid introduction to characters, technologies and locations – but it didn’t make us need to start the countdown. (A expertly spliced mis-mash of technical prowess, Star Wars appreciation, and head-scratching mystery doesn’t instantly awe or woo us.)

What made the first Star Wars film, A New Hope, great? It was a good-versus-evil adventure tale, which called upon the spirit of Errol Flynn movies, Flash Gordon serials, war buddy flicks, ancient fables and creature features.

The new teaser shows the production team is technically proficient, but, to us, they failed to show warmth, grandeur, and the original’s ability to take you in and move you forward in your seats.

We know what we just saw was a teaser, but there was no old Hollywood fun in it. What does the audience get with an 88-second glimpse? Just a series of quick cuts which demonstrate that for the price of admission you’ll receive a smart, entertaining and efficient film.

But what we fear is that teaser is the real deal, a possible look inside the production, which advertises that Star Wars VII may have the look and feel, but can’t locate the original film’s heart and soul.

Can the filmmakers capture the wow of three heroes on an unforgettable journey to face a tortured villain who demands more than the rent? We’ll see in time.

For now, we simply ask, did they do a better job than the awakened fans who produced these three parody trailers?

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Star Wars Logo and Images Courtesy of The Walt Disney Company