Tennis Style – Our 2019 US Open Celebrity Sightings – Meghan Markle & More


Which stars shined the most at the 2019 US Open tennis tournament? Take a look at our original celebrity photos below.

All copyrighted images by photographer Neil Bainton, unless noted otherwise.



26Aug2019BatchTwo_0067 - Chazz Palminteri - Photo by Neil BaintonActor Chazz Palminteri

26Aug2019BatchTwo_0398 - Mike Tyson - Photo by Neil BaintonBoxing legend Mike Tyson

26Aug2019BatchTwo_0651 - Spike Lee - Photo by Neil BaintonDirector Spike Lee

26Aug2019BatchTwo_1228 - Alex and Hilaria Baldwin - Day One - Photo by Neil BaintonActor Alec Baldwin with wife Hilaria Baldwin



USOpen28Aug2019BatchTwoD850_0003 - Queen Latifah - Day Three - Photo by Neil BaintonRapper Queen Latifah (top right)

USOpen28Aug2019BatchTwoD5_1320 - Daniela Hantuchova - Day 3 - photo by Armando Di CiccoFormer tennis player Daniela Hantuchova; Photo by Armando Di Cicco



29Aug2019USOpen_0448 - Colin Kaepernick - Day Four - Photo by Neil Bainton
Quarterback Colin Kaepernick



30Aug2019USOpen_2345 - Michael Shannon - photo by Neil BaintonActor Michael Shannon

30Aug2019USOpen_2336 - wanda sykes - photo by neil baintonComedian Wanda Sykes

30Aug2019USOpen_2321 - kobe bryant - photo by neil baintonBasketball great Kobe Bryant



03Sep2019USOpen_1809 - penn badgley - day 9 - photo by neil baintonActor Penn Badgley 

03Sep2019USOpen_1242 - Maia Shibutani and Alex Shibutani - day 9 - photo by neil baintonIce dancers Maia Shibutani and Alex Shibutani 

03Sep2019USOpen_2038 - Martha Stewart - photo by Neil Bainton Personality Martha Stewart

03Sep2019USOpen_1961 - Adam Silver - Photo by Neil Bainton NBA Commisioner Adam Silver

03Sep2019USOpen_1910 - Vera Wang - Photo by Neil Bainton Designer Vera Wang

03Sep2019USOpen_1743 - james blake and jameela jamil - day 9 - photo by neil baintonSinger James Blake and actress Jameela Jamil 

03Sep2019USOpen_1783 - Amy Schumer - photo by Neil Bainton Comedian Amy Schumer

03Sep2019USOpen_1393 - Clive Davis - photo by Neil BaintonRecord producer Clive Davis

03Sep2019USOpen_1430 - katie couric - day 9 - photo by neil baintonJournalist Katie Couric 

03Sep2019USOpen_1649 - priyanka chopra - day 9 - photo by neil baintonActress Priyanka Chopra

03Sep2019USOpen_1182 - Joe Torre - photo by Neil BaintonBaseball exec Joe Torre



04Sep2019USOpen_0036 - actor Ben Vereen - day 10 - photo by Neil BaintonActor/singer Ben Vereen

04Sep2019USOpen_0455 - Victor Cruz - Photo by Neil BaintonRetired NFL player Victor Cruz

04Sep2019USOpen_0431 - Former NYC Mayor David Dinkins - Photo by Neil BaintonFormer NYC Mayor David Dinkins

04Sep2019USOpen_0372 - Billie Jean King - Photo by Neil BaintonTennis icon Billie Jean King

04Sep2019USOpen_0075 - Henrik Lundqvist - Photo by Neil BaintonIce hockey’s Henrik Lundqvist

04Sep2019USOpen_0021 - Emily Mortimer - Photo by Neil BaintonActress Emily Mortimer

04Sep2019USOpen_0232 - Wayne Gretzky and Janet Jones-Gretzsky - Photo by Neil BaintonNHL legend Wayne Gretzky with Janet Jones-Gretzky



05Sep2019USOpen_0240 - jason biggs - day 11 - photo by neil baintonActor Jason Biggs

05Sep2019USOpen_0165 - audra mcdonald - photo by neil bainton Actress Audra McDonald

05Sep2019USOpen_0047 - anupam kher - photo by neil bainton Actor Anupam Kher

05Sep2019USOpen_0345 - andy cohen - photo by neil bainton TV host Andy Cohen

05Sep2019USOpen_0308 - justin bartha - photo by neil baintonActor Justin Bartha



07Sep2019USOpen_2648 - Her Royal Highness - Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle - Photo by Neil BaintonIn Serena Williams‘ box: Her Royal Highness, Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle (center row, right). Vogue editrix Anna Wintour (center row, left). And Alexis Ohanian, Serena Williams’ husband and co-founder of Reddit (first row, left)

07Sep2019USOpen_1690 - Rowan Blanchard and Barbie Ferreira - photo by Neil BaintonActresses Barbie Ferreira and Rowan Blanchard    

07Sep2019USOpen_1632 - Aly Raisman - photo by Neil BaintonOlympic gymnast Aly Raisman

07Sep2019USOpen_0809 - model Sara Sampaio - Photo by Neil BlaintonModel Sara Sampaio


07Sep2019USOpen_0948 - alessandra ambrosio - photo by Neil BaintonModel Alessandra Ambrosio 

07Sep2019USOpen_1378 - matt bomer 2 - photo by neil baintonActor Matt Bomer (right)

07Sep2019USOpen_1810 - Cara Delevingne - photo by Neil BaintonActress-model Cara Delevingne

07Sep2019USOpen_0173 - Sydney Sweeney - Photo by Neil BaintonActress Sydney Sweeney

07Sep2019USOpen_1165 - Taraji Henson - photo by Neil BaintonActress Taraji Henson 

07Sep2019USOpen_1033 - Josephine Skriver - photo by Neil BaintonModel Josephine Skriver 

07Sep2019USOpen_0722 - Gigi Hadid - photo by Neil BaintonModel Gigi Hadid 

07Sep2019USOpen_0685 - Taye Diggs - photo by Neil BaintonActor Taye Diggs

07Sep2019USOpen_0595 - Camille Kostek - photo by Neil BaintonModel Camille Kostek

07Sep2019USOpen_0474 - Adrienne Warren - photo by Neil BaintonActress Adrienne Warren 

07Sep2019USOpen_0326 - anna wintour - photo by Neil BaintonVogue editrix Anna Wintour

07Sep2019USOpen_0098 - Uzo Aduba - Photo by Neil BaintonActress Uzo Aduba

07Sep2019USOpen_0029 - kelsey merritt - photo by neil baintonModel Kelsey Merritt 



08Sep2019USOpen_0029 - Irina Shayk - day 14 - photo by neil bainton Model Irina Shayk

08Sep2019USOpen_2419 - Savannah Guthrie - Day 14 - Photo by Neil BaintonNews personality Jenna Bush Hager

08Sep2019USOpen_2365 - Savannah Guthrie - day 14 - photo by neil baintonMorning show host Savannah Guthrie

08Sep2019USOpen_2242 - Peter Hermann and Mariska Hargitay - day 14 - photo by neil baintonMarried actors Peter Hermann and Mariska Hargitay

08Sep2019USOpen_2130 - Eiza Gonzales - photo by Neil BaintonActress Eiza Gonzalez

08Sep2019USOpen_2076 - Hasan Minhaj - phot by Neil BaintonComedian Hasan Minhaj

08Sep2019USOpen_2039 - Hilary Rhoda - photo by Neil Bainton Model Hilary Rhoda

08Sep2019USOpen_1317 - lexi wood - photo by neil baintonModel Lexi Wood

08Sep2019USOpen_1378 - jj lin and coco lee - photo by neil baintonSingers JJ Lin and Coco Lee

08Sep2019USOpen_1842 - lei jiayin - day 14 - photo by neil bainton
Actor Lei Jiayin

08Sep2019USOpen_1775 - Wang Luodan - day 14 - photo by neil bainton
Actress Wang Luodan

08Sep2019USOpen_1071 - melissa barrera - photo by neil baintonActress Melissa Barrera

08Sep2019USOpen_1195 - ralph lauren - day 14 - photo by neil bainton Designer Ralph Lauren

08Sep2019USOpen_0800 (1) - trevor noah - day 14 - photo by neil bainton The Daily Show host Trevor Noah

08Sep2019USOpen_0656 - tory burch - day 14 - photo by neil bainton Designer Tory Burch

08Sep2019USOpen_0525 - paul bettany and jennifer connelly - day 14 - photo by neil baintonMarried actors Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly

08Sep2019USOpen_0250 - michael douglas and catherine zeta-jones - day 14 - photo by neil baintonMarried actors Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones


All copyrighted images by photographer Neil Bainton, unless stated otherwise.


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