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U.S.: Americans have made their choice, voting for Donald Trump to be the master of the White House for the next four years.

The defeated Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton phoned to congratulate the president-elect on Tuesday night and delivered her concession speech on Wednesday.

The victory of the highly controversial Republican tycoon over the former Secretary of State caught not only the whole nation by surprise, but pundits across the world, equally shocked by the results.

Despite widespread commotions in some cities against the election results, Trump is settling down to business, as he was said to have had “excellent conversation” with President Barack Obama at the Oval Office on Thursday to kick-start the 72-day handover transition.

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Canada: The Canadian immigration site crashed on Tuesday night after the announcement that Republican candidate Donald Trump was elected the new President of the United States.

Canada’s official website for “Citizenship and Immigration Canada” was not able to handle the heavy load of immigration inquiries from across the border.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported that some 200,000 users were online when the immigration web site stopped working; half of the traffic originated from the U.S.

Many American celebrities including Miley Cyrus, Amy Schumer, and Chelsea Handler are saying that they will leave U.S. for good when Trump takes the presidency.

The Guardian, in May, has reported that according to at least one poll, 28% of Americans have considered leaving the United States for good “for a country such as Canada” if Trump is elected.

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India:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on Thursday morning that current 500- and 1,000-rupee notes would be annulled.

The sudden edict from New Delhi was issued in an effort to combat corruption, black-market trade, and tax evasion.

Indian citizens have until 30 December 2016 to deposit the cancelled rupee notes in their accounts and they can withdraw or obtain new notes from banks and post offices starting Thursday.

The scrapped notes are worth more than US$223 billion or about 86 percent of all the money circulating in India.

But the drastic measure left many Indians without cash for day-to-day expenses, and long queues were reported as account holders scrambled to exchange their high-value banknotes for smaller denominated bills.

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World: Many loyal fans of Toblerone, the popular Swiss chocolate bar, feel like they’ve been bitten.

Two of its milk-chocolate versions have been reconfigured with narrower triangles and a larger gap between peaks.  But the price remains the same.

Aggrieved consumers have since bombarded Toblerone’s Facebook page with angry complaints.

According to Mondelez International, Toblerone’s maker, the 170-gram and 400-gram milk chocolate bars have been cut down to 150 grams and 360 grams.  The company explained that the change was due to soaring costs of the ingredients.

The triangular milk chocolate bar has been around since 1908.  According to the New York Times, the Matterhorn in the Alps is said to be the inspiration behind the pointed bar, although its creator’s sons have said it was a line of dancers at the Folies Bergères cabaret in Paris that provided the idea.

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Photo Courtesy of RossHelen /;  “Grindelwald, Switzerland – June 26, 2016 Female hand holds Toblerone chocolate on the mountains background in Switzerland.”