The Damascus Flower Sarong/Shawl
by Clare Frost

Part of a collaboration with Tuscany’s Castello di Potentino, these colorful cotton sarongs/shawls from Clare Frost are perfect for every season and every climate.

Each sarong/shawl has been hand-blocked in India with the Damascus Flower motif, a simple, elegant design found on the library walls of the Castello.

These lightweight cotton wraps have hand-stitched hems, measure 110x230cm, and are available in five colors: burgundy, grey, green, blue, and orange.

Stylish, unisex, and perfect for travel, the only question is… do you want one or two?

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Price: 45$/each


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About Clare Frost:

Clare was born in Washington, D.C. and has lived in Istanbul since 2006, sent from Castello di Potentino to work as an assistant to photographer, ethnographer, and textile collector Josephine Powell, who instilled in her an appreciation of the beauty and complexity of traditional textiles and the people who made them.

Later, working for the antiques textiles expert and textile designer Elizabeth Hewitt, of Istanbul’s Tulu Textiles, Clare traveled to India and Uzbekistan, deepening her excitement about the infinite possibilities of color, texture, and handwork.

Since 2011, Clare has worked with a foundation in Kabul to develop and teach design and product development courses to young, talented women from all over Afghanistan. She also travels to India to work with block printers and talented tailors and works with shoemakers, jewelers, tailors, and other artisans in Istanbul.

Constantly dreaming up clothing and fabrics and more inspired by traditional textiles and crafts and taught by the people who make them, Clare also collects vintage and antique pieces.

Her work has been featured in NewsWhistle (Hong Kong), Brownbook (Dubai), Lonny, Veranda (USA), Elle Décor, Maison Française (Turkey), and House & Garden (UK).


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