The Lollygagger Chair
by Loll Designs

The Lollygagger Outdoor Lounge Chair is Loll Designs’ namesake patio chair and sets a new paradigm for the Loll Adirondack Chair.

Years of experience designing and manufacturing outdoor furniture went into this modern Adirondack. When you slide in, you’ll find all the angles feel just right and the two back planes add an unexpected level of comfort. And the Lollygagger also features an integrated bottle opener hidden under the right arm just in case you get thirsty.

Whether in pairs or alone, this patio lounge chair will create that perfect spot for outdoor lollygagging. Plus, it’s made from recycled plastic, which means it’s easy to clean and requires no maintenance.


Pricing: $479, plus shipping


Shipping Information: Ships flat, assembly required.



About Loll Designs:

Based in Duluth, MN, Loll Designs is a designer/manufacturer of durable, all-weather, outdoor furniture and accessories made with recycled plastic – mostly from single-use milk jugs.

Using thoughtful, original designs and unique materials, Loll creates innovative, fun and high-quality products proudly crafted in the USA.

At Loll, we enhance people, the planet and our company in everything we do. Our goal is to inspire people to appreciate the outdoors.

Loll is outdoor furniture for the modern lollygagger.


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