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The Pull Of R&B – Six Crucial Questions for TIDES


TIDES is a R&B duo made up of Innocent Tswamuno and Dan Song, two musicians who met at a GRAMMY camp program for high schoolers in 2009.

Those teenage boys have since grown up, and produced a very mature and soulful EP called Crossroads.

If you like the 80s work of Al Jarreau or Stevie Wonder, you’ll immediately be fans of TIDES and their transfixing tunes.




NAME(S): Innocent Tswamuno, Dan Song


POSITION: Indie Pop / R&B Duo

HOMETOWN: Zimbabwe and South Korea, currently in LA and NYC


1. What is your earliest musical memory?

Innocent: The first time I sang in my dad’s church in Zimbabwe (12-years-old).

Dan: 8-years-old, the first time I went to church and heard a live band.


2. What has been your most embarrassing musical moment?

Innocent: When I lied to a friend of mine (Mohan) that I had written “How Does It Feel” by D’Angelo (whom he did not know then), and he later found out because, duh, D’Angelo is very famous. I had never written a song of my own, and did not know how to write one four years ago, so I decided to claim a really popular one in-order to seem more prolific than I actually was.

Dan: I don’t know actually…probably our first TIDES together show when I landed late in NYC from LA and went straight to the gig with no rehearsal lol. More nerve-wracking than embarrassing though!


3. What do you like and dislike about touring?

Innocent: We haven’t officially toured yet, but we’ve played tons of one off shows in the NYC area. Look out for us on the road soon!

Dan: As Inno said, we haven’t been on the road yet but excited to get our first tour together soon.



4. What is your favorite record store, anywhere in the world?

Innocent: I have never been to a record store 😉

Dan: Haven’t been to too many but Amoeba Music… in Hollywood is pretty cool.


5. Other than your own music, what is your favorite song or album of all-time? Why?

Innocent: I have two favorite albums. 1. Live album – Donny Hathaway’s live album which was recorded at The Troubadour and Bitter End. 2. Recorded – Voodoo by D’Angelo. I love both singers and their albums because they showcase how incredible they are as singers and instrumentalists. Something I aspire to be.

Dan: Way too many to choose from! Albums from NERD, TImbaland, John Mayer, D’Angelo all got me into music production.


6. You wake up in a seedy Berlin hotel room with no recollection of the past 96 hours. Who is your first call?

Innocent: My older brother, no doubt. Fam first!

Dan: My parents. Never been to Berlin but if waking up with no recollection of past 96 hours is a possibility, I’d definitely like to go haha.



Lead-In Image Courtesy of TIDES


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