The World Live… from Minneapolis
(The EPL Edition) – Vol. 5

Oh…I couldn’t stay mad at you…

It was worse than Ewan McGregor writhing in a sweaty pool of cold turkeydom in Trainspotting.  I woke up on Saturday morning and automatically reached for my phone to check on the early game update and then I remembered…I was no longer on the juice.  I would have to find a new fix.  Like any addict, I had fooled myself into thinking that quitting would be a no brainer.  Actually it was a brain drainer.  I fumbled through the breakfast routine unable to function as a Saturday morning parent.  Later when the majority of games were in full effect, I was in the garden over watering the already dead lemon cucumber plants and staring blankly at the withering vines on the fence.

I started thinking about how I quit smoking 13 years ago; or the time I quit sucking my thumb when I turned 27…I needed to remind myself that I had a history of overcoming habitual addictions.  This was different though.  There were no nasty health or cosmetic repercussions from my actions.  I had no scars or symptoms to point to as evidence that I should quit.  I had publicly announced on this blog that I was quitting.

The brain came up with, what I consider a number of reasonable arguments against quitting:

–          It feels a bit like a mid-life crisis decision.  If there is one thing you don’t want to do when going through a mid-life crisis is to make mid-life crisis decisions.  That is 101.1.

–          I’m going through a bit of a mid-life crisis and the last thing I need is to remove a source of comfort inthis time of upheaval

–          What will I talk about to the ex-pats on a Monday night?

–          If feels like the wrong decision

So here I am.. back in the “saddle” so to speak.

Arsenal and the boys are still cranking through it and there were some magical games last weekend.

You can be sure the battery in my phone will be dead by noon today as I combine the football and watching the European heroes once again, deflate the American egos on the golf course.

Mid-life crisis can be rewarding when handled accordingly.


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