The WORLD LIVE… from minneapolis (THE EPL EDITION)

It’s that time of year again.  Late summer sunshine, back to school ads, Octoberfest Beer showing up on the booze shop shelves (WTF?), holiday décor at Costco (wttttttfffff) and the start of the EPL season (Saturday, August 16th).

I know which one of these I am comfortable with.

After the FIFA sponsored World Cup, the activity for most teams has centered around accumulating new players and playing meaningless friendly games on foreign soil.

Nearly 110,000 people showed up in Michigan to see Man United play Real Madrid.  Here in Minneapolis, I brought my 8-year-old to see current Premier League Champions, Manchester City play Olympiacos (some random Greek team).

There was talk again of having an extra game in the States that actually means something but time will tell.

The night before the actual EPL trophy was on display for all to see.  It was uncanny to have the most famous trophy in English futbol sitting in a pub in downtown Minneapolis.


I posed with the lesser known (but no less earned) Over-30’s Rangers Tournament award as the heavies with the team wouldn’t let me clench the actual trophies.


If you have any interest in the EPL you will know that the champions at the end of the season will be one of the top “five”:

1. Man U (lead by new Manager, Louis Van Gaal, who’s neck to head structure has the same profile  as your thumb);

2. Arsenal (my personal favs who purchased Alexis Sanchez, the magician from Chile);

3. Chelski (Russian owned);

4. Liverpool (Sold Louis “Chomper” Suarez to Barcelona and bought half of the Southampton team to replace him); and

5. Man City (Current Champions and always buying good players for too much money).


Let the battle commence…Now where’s that secret Summer Ale stash I purchased…


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PS: About the photo up top. That’s my hot friend Alyssa of Croation heritage hanging with a guy from Bosnia and Serbia…futbol…bringing people together…only if at least one of them is a hot chick…