The World Live… from Minneapolis
Vol. 6

I operate in a world that has no cable or TV.  On the radio is mostly the Current (a public radio station playing mostly decent music and keeping me updated on the weather outside).  I am online with my phone and laptop about 73.4% of the day.  The rest of the time is spent either playing soccer in the front yard with two of three of my kids (one has to play restaurant alone), going to networking (free beer) events and hanging with this chick that digs my scene and tells me how brave I am to be self employed or dealing with an impending divorce thing.  No lawyers, just annoying facts and a cloud of debt that will either result in bankruptcy or better.

I live in America as a cynical citizen who grew up with no identity in Northern Ireland.  I consider myself deep, well intentioned, emotionally intelligent and a little deranged from time to time.  Nothing and everything interests me and I will learn the French language via an app and end up living in a cottage in the countryside close to Paris, sometime after 14 years have passed.

These observations and thoughts are my own.  I own them.  The buck stops here.  And if there is a doe close by, let’s sit back and enjoy the show.  Merci!

This Week:

Climate change is real and right now in Minneapolis being in shorts a week out from Halloween means that I say “yay” for a moment that greedy industrial types are destroying our earth and atmosphere and our great grandkids will hate us…because I get to go out the door into the beautiful color filled city and play with the next generation with smiles and short sleeves.

I keep thinking about Renee Zellweger.  How can she look in the mirror and be like, “ok, that’s good”.  It also makes the whole Bridget Jones role seem fake now.  Part of the reason I loved her in that movie was that she was “real”.  A “real” chick that I was attracted to in a normal way because she was normal.  Now she is just plastic in my eyes.  And in the areas around her eyes…is plastic.  Too much plastic.

All my “Republican” friends were cheering on social media this week about seeing the epic 3 ½ Pearl Jam show in St Paul.  What part did they enjoy the most?  Social injustice, inequality, socking it to the man?  One can only wonder…

Ebola is in New York.  If any disease can make it there, it can make it anywhere.

I was in Vegas on Monday for an event where I emceed the most dry trivia you can imagine in a large concrete bunker known as the Las Vegas Convention Center.  Later, to add some color, I walked the strip.  Inspired by the walk, I slotted $10 into a Bridesmaids Movie theme machine.  I won $30 and decided to treat myself on a recommended breakfast at the “Paris” the next morning.  The breakfast was awesome.  People watching wasn’t. I took three showers since I left Vegas and I still feel greasy.

The big controversy this week in the land of Futebol was that “maverdick” Mario Balotelli swapped shirts with Pepe of Real Madrid as his team walked off at half time having been slapped 0-3.  This “controversy” like most, was a smokescreen to the fact that Liverpool were absolutely shite and should have been smoked by a lot more goals.  Instead we are talking about shirts.  Jesus.

Have  a great week.


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