The World’s Best Beaches:
Hong Kong’s Tai Long Wan

There are certain things in life that, if you had known them earlier, would have changed your life.  There are also certain things in life that you don’t want to be known to others, that you would like to retain the secrecy of, all to yourself.  Tai Long Wan is both of these things.

A Hong Kong beach that is generally known to be available only to the fit hiker – a treat, presenting itself at the end of a vigorous two-hour walk through the Sai Kung Country Park – does have a hidden secret.  You can, of course, get there on a yacht (you can get anywhere on a yacht, if such a vessel is available to you).

But for those of us with more modest means most of the time, you can also access Tai Long Wan on a speedboat boarded from the Sai Kung main ferry terminal for approximately US $20 per person.  The boat ride in and of itself is so beautiful, you will not mind the fare.

Once you get to the beach, whatever remaining stress or agita you may have (and you should have none by now) will be swept away by the breeze.  The first HK beach you will ever see without a cement life tower or a tiled bathroom structure–only the patio umbrellas of the two village restaurants will signal that this is not a Robinson Crusoe moment for you.

From these two restaurants you can buy young coconut and drink the milk while floating in the sea.  You will see a few couples camping directly on the beach. You can bring your own equipment or rent from the two village restaurants.

And how do you get to the Sai Kung ferry terminal?  There are trains and buses that get you there.  Or take a taxi from Central and you will be there in 30 minutes for just about US $25.  Do not miss this slice of heaven, one hour door-to-door from the hustle and bustle of HK Central.


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